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Best Android tablet browser Vivaldi with dark theme.

Looking for the best Android tablet browser? Meet Vivaldi.

February 19, 2021

The best browser for your new Android tablet may not be the default. Pre-installed browsers such as Google Chrome were not designed with tablets in mind.

How to manage too many tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi

How to manage too many browser tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Vivaldi

February 11, 2021

We compare how you can manage “too many browser tabs” in Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Vivaldi browser.

Picture in Picture mode Vivaldi vs Chrome vs Firefox logos

Picture in Picture mode: Vivaldi vs Chrome vs Firefox

January 19, 2021

Picture in Picture mode lets you watch video in a floating window. Find out which browser has the best implementation. We compare Vivaldi, Chrome, and Firefox.

Vivaldi vs Chrome. Person wondering what is the difference.

How Vivaldi browser is different from Google Chrome

January 7, 2021

Just like Google Chrome, Vivaldi browser is built using the open-source Chromium code. So how different is Vivaldi from Chrome?

Street sign indicates it is time to replace browser.

5 signs it’s time to replace your browser

December 28, 2020

When it comes to switching browsers, breaking out of your comfort zone may be the biggest challenge. 

Google Chrome and Vivaldi browser logos switched

How to switch from Google Chrome to Vivaldi browser

December 17, 2020

Switching from Chrome to Vivaldi is quick, easy, and fun because you’re moving from a boring default option to a fast, flexible, and feature-rich browser. Follow the steps with Vivaldi’s Johannes Dolven.

Linux penguin flies the Vivaldi "best browser" flag.

Why Vivaldi is the best browser for Linux

December 3, 2020

Vivaldi has awesome support for Linux and many dedicated Linux users. Here’s why Vivaldi is the best browser for Linux.

Page with code.

We reveal a security problem in the Google Cloud API Console

November 26, 2020

While working on the Technical Preview of the Mail and Calendar client, the Vivaldi security team encountered a security problem, possibly a security vulnerability.

Favorite productivity tools graph going up

10 favorite productivity tools of the Vivaldi community

November 20, 2020

Your favorite productivity tools are the ones that make you most efficient in your line of work but also in life. We asked the Vivaldi community to recommend the productivity tools that help them day in and day out.

Vivaldi vs Chrome: Vivaldi and Chrome logos

3 things that work better in Vivaldi compared to Google Chrome

November 11, 2020

The Google Chrome browser is everywhere. But as our Marketing intern Johannes Dolven observes, using it is about putting in the legwork, while using Vivaldi is about getting smart.

Periodic reload of tabs in Vivaldi browser.

Calling all D-List celebs: Here’s the tool you’ve been waiting for

November 6, 2020

With Vivaldi browser’s unique Periodic Reloader, celebs can continuously monitor if their names get picked up by search engines.

Edge and Vivaldi icons for Edge browser Linux review by Vivaldi.

Edge on Linux: Thoughts from a Linux user

November 2, 2020

Microsoft just released the Edge browser on Linux. Browser geek Ruarí Ødegaard reviews the new arrival and answers questions Linux users might have about the new browser.