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Vivaldi is a new browser that blocks unwanted ads, protects you from trackers, and puts you in control with unique built-in features. Get Vivaldi and browse fast.

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Key Features

Block ads and trackers with built-in Ad and Tracking blockers

Vivaldi browser blocks ads and stops trackers from following you around the web so that you can browse privately and securely.

Bring your data with you

Securely sync your passwords, Bookmarks, Notes and more between devices using end-to-end encryption.

Play with a flexible UI

Give your browser a look that's uniquely yours with Vivaldi’s flexible UI. Browse with dark/light mode using desktop-style tabs, and keep go-to tools within easy reach in a sidebar.

Take Notes everywhere you go

Create Notes as you browse and sync them securely between all your devices.

Snap screenshots

Capture a full-length screenshot of any website or take a snap of the visible area.

Get there faster

Keep your favorite sites just a tap away by adding custom Speed Dials to the new tab page.

Manage tabs with ease

Manage tabs from the Tabs strip. Quickly swipe to find open tabs, private tabs and tabs you’ve recently closed or have open on another device.

Switch search engines quickly

Switch from one search engine to another with a click. Type a single letter search engine “nickname” in the address field followed by a space and the search term.


  • Vivaldi on Android is a worthwhile contender. It’s fast and easy to use — and if you’re already using Vivaldi on the desktop, it’s a no-brainer.

    Frederic Lardinois

    Frederic LardinoisTechcrunch

  • Vivaldi on Android presents a unique user interface with built-in tools like Panels, Speed Dials, Notes, and Capture.

    Paul Thurrott

    Paul ThurrottThurrott

  • Most users will find something useful in Vivaldi’s feature set.

    Phillip Prado

    Phillip PradoAndroid Authority

  • Vivaldi Browser is actually quite popular on desktops, and its Android counterpart seems to be quite capable as well.

    Kristijan Lucic

    Kristijan LucicAndroid Headlines

  • This version is free from Google's creepier tendencies. The company proudly boasts "we don't track you."

    Richard Speed

    Richard Speed The Register

  • The forward button is a welcome addition that I've missed during many browsing sessions.

    Manuel Vonau

    Manuel VonauAndroid Police

  • Vivaldi is fast, stable, and has just enough tricks up its sleeve to set it apart. I've adopted it as my default Android browser.

    Jack Wallen

    Jack WallenTechRepublic

  • It focuses on security and privacy, doesn't collect excessive user data and uses end-to-end encryption for its sync function.

    Georgina Torbet

    Georgina TorbetEngadget

  • My favorite feature is the ability to switch between tabs by swiping left or right on the bottom bar.

    Ivan Mehta

    Ivan MehtaThe Next Web

  • Vivaldi isn’t necessarily looking to conquer the world, it’s looking to provide a better option, and it’s not stopping here.

    Paul Sawers

    Paul SawersVenturebeat

  • It lets you sync bookmarks, Speed Dials, passwords, autofill information, and those notes I mentioned across your desktop and mobile sessions, and claims this data is protected with end-to-end encryption by default.

    Jay Peters

    Jay PetersThe Verge

  • On both mobile and desktop versions of Vivaldi, a tap or click on the cloud icon brings up all the tabs you've currently got open in the app on other devices, linked by your Vivaldi account. That makes switching devices a snap.

    David Nield

    David NieldWired

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Vivaldi browser protects you from trackers, blocks unwanted ads, and puts you in control with unique built-in features.

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