Tab Management

Tabbed browsing for the win

Take control of your tabs

Unique features give you full control of how you group and display browser tabs in Vivaldi. You’ve never browsed like this before.

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Group tabs using Tab Stacks

Tend to keep a lot of tabs open in your browser? Group them into Tab Stacks to declutter and stay organized.

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View tabs in splitscreen

No more jumping back and forth between tabs – Tab Tiling allows you to view several tabs at the same time. Tasks like researching and working on a blog post are a breeze.

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Manage tabs from the sidebar

The Window Panel gives you a tree-style overview of tabs and allows you to search and manage your tabs right from the sidebar.

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Hibernate tabs

Having hundreds of tabs open can be a drag on any machine. Use Tab Hibernation to put a tab (or group of tabs) to sleep until you need it.

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Search your open tabs

Use the Quick Commands menu to search for any open tab and get a quick overview of what pages you have open in Vivaldi.

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Vivaldi has brilliant tab-management features. That’s why I’ve become addicted to Vivaldi.

Clive Thompson

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