Desktop Snapshots

Desktop Snapshots are work-in-progress builds that are available for anyone to download and test. Try new desktop browser features and fixes before anyone else!

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Starting to stabilize – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3381.34

June 14, 2024

In today’s snapshot our focus has shifted more to stabilisation issues, to help get 6.8 out the door.

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Help to enable search suggestions, better Mail previews – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3381.3

June 11, 2024

In today’s snapshot we introduce a feature that helps users make the right choice for them with regards to search suggestions. We also changed how mail is fetched by default to make previews and search work better.

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Chromium bump to 126 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3371.4

May 31, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes a jump from Chromium 124 to 126 and a range of fixes and improvements.

Friday – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3364.3

May 24, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes a bunch of fixes for a range of issues.

More mail and calendar improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3358.3

May 16, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes further small improvements to mail and calendar and handles the recent 0-days for Chromium.

Preview, quick reply and undo actions for mail, and new tab memory information – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3356.3

May 15, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes some nice improvements to Mail and Calendar, plus some convenient tab memory information, along with a load of other fixes.

Extra 6.7 fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3329.19

April 26, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes a few fixes will will likely include in the next minor update to 6.7 stable. You snapshot users get them early.

Vivaldi 6.7 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 3329.16/17

April 24, 2024

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 6.7 for desktop and notebooks.

Getting close – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3329.14

April 23, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes a few more fixes and improvements. Vivaldi 6.7 is close now.

A further fix for http downloads – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3329.9

April 19, 2024

Since we are closing on final and because it is the weekend, here is an extra snapshot. Not much here but there is a further fix to a frequently reported issue.

Memory Saver and Compact menus – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3329.7

April 18, 2024

Today’s snapshot includes access to the Chromium memory saver options and an option to use the (older) more compact menus.

Jump to Chromium 124 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3327.3

April 15, 2024

Today’s snapshot moves Chromium up to version 124.