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Media resources

Icon & Logo

Vivaldi Application Icon

Vivaldi logo


Jon S. von Tetzchner

Jon S. von Tetzchner

Jon S. von Tetzchner

Parts of the Vivaldi Team, road trip in Iceland

Vivaldi on a Desktop Computer


Aurora Dark Wallpaper

Aurora Light Wallpaper

Vivaldi Gradient Wallpaper

Vivaldi Keyboard Shortcuts Wallpaper

Vivaldi Stars Wallpaper

Browser Market Logo Groups

Six browsers in a circle

Six browsers in a row

Desktop Screenshots

Vivaldi Welcome Page

Vivaldi showing Quick Commands

Vivaldi with Tabs on Left side

Vivaldi with a Tiled Tab Stack

Vivaldi's Speed Dials'

Vivaldi Notes Panel

Vivaldi with Dark UI

Vivaldi Bookmarks Manager

Vivaldi Bookmarks Panel

Vivaldi Web Panels

Vivaldi History

Vivaldi History Panel

Vivaldi Sync

Android Screenshots

Vivaldi for Android

Vivaldi showing Landscape and Portrait Mode

Vivaldi showing Screen Capture

Vivaldi's flexible UI

Vivaldi Notes Panel

Vivaldi's Speed Dials

Vivaldi Sync

Vivaldi Tabs

Vivaldi Tracker Blocker