Menu and Notes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.19

juin 5, 2020

Today’s snapshot continues to push us closer to final, and so includes fixes to the new 3.1 features, plus a minor Chromium bump.

Dark mode for web pages – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1935.3

juin 4, 2020

A nice new feature for today’s snapshot is one of our more frequent requests. Dark mode for web contents is here.

Vivaldi browser Web Panels.

Top sites to try in a Vivaldi Web Panel

juin 3, 2020

In Vivaldi, you can place any site you visit multiple times a day in a sidebar. That way you can view your go-to sites concurrently with other open tabs. Let’s take a look!

Stabilization for 3.1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.13

juin 3, 2020

Today’s snapshot focuses on fixes as we prepare for an update to our stable branch.

Regression fixes – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1929.3

mai 31, 2020

Today’s snapshot contains a few nice fixes for different bugs.

ThinkPrivacy and Vivaldi logos.

ThinkPrivacy recognises Vivaldi browser

mai 29, 2020

ThinkPrivacy, the platform that helps users take back their online privacy and security, has included Vivaldi in their list of recommended privacy-focused products. We talk to ThinkPrivacy founder Dan Arel.

Fix for Windows media issues – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1929.3

mai 28, 2020

Today’s snapshot fixes the issue with videos on Windows (present in the last two snapshots), meaning that autoupdate can now be re-enabled.

Privacy browser shown as shield protecting laptop.

What is a privacy-focused browser?

mai 27, 2020

Your browser has a huge impact on your privacy. A privacy-focused browser will protect your private information from others.

Fixes for recent regressions and sync improvements – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1926.3

mai 26, 2020

This snapshot includes a number of regression fixes and sync improvements.

Woman in front of laptop in dark room - tracked by search engines.

How to stop search engines from tracking you

mai 22, 2020

Vivaldi doesn’t track you. However, some search engines can track every search you do. Here’s how to stop that.

Configurable menus and full page notes manager – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1921.3

mai 20, 2020

Today’s snapshot introduces the two new features for the upcoming stable release, configurable menus and a new, more advanced notes manager.

Startpage and Vivaldi bring more privacy to your search

mai 20, 2020

As search traffic and privacy concerns rise, Startpage and the Vivaldi browser – both governed by strict European data protection laws – give users world-class search results with zero tracking.

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