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The new Vivaldi browser protects you from trackers, blocks unwanted ads, and puts you in control with unique built-in features. Get Vivaldi and browse fast.

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Take control with an arsenal of features

Explore our highlights below.

Block trackers with built-in Tracker blocker

Vivaldi blocks sites from tracking you around the web so that you can browse privately and securely.

Tracker blocker

Block unwanted ads with built-in Ad blocker

Fine tune your experience by adjusting content blocker settings per site.

Ad blocker

Take notes while you browse

Write down ideas in the browser’s sidebar using Notes. Format text with Markdown, automatically attach screenshots, and more.


Add any site to your sidebar

Get quick access to your favorite chat apps, social feeds and news sites using Web Panels. Add as many as you like and rearrange with drag 'n' drop.

Web Panels

Manage tabs with ease

Vivaldi gives you full control of how you group, display and interact with browser tabs.

Tab Management

Keep your hands on the keyboard

Customize keyboard shortcuts to control nearly every aspect of your browsing and browse fast. Use Vivaldi’s universal search – Quick Commands – to find open tabs, Bookmarks, History, and more.

Keyboard shortcuts

Capture screenshots

Take screenshots of full web pages or a selection of the screen with Vivaldi browser’s built-in Capture tool. Share or save what's on your screen with ease.

Capture screenshots

Go dark with Vivaldi browser

Take advantage of a predefined dark theme or create a new one from scratch. Vivaldi browser can even follow the theme of your OS to automatically switch between light and dark modes.

Dark mode

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  • Vivaldi is a browser for 'power users', geeks and techno-freaks, though there’s nothing to stop anybody else from using it.

    Jack Schofield

    Jack SchofieldThe Guardian

  • Vivaldi has an insane amount of customization available by default.

    Jake Swearingen

    Jake SwearingenNew York Magazine

  • If you haven’t tried Vivaldi yet, now is probably a good time to give it a spin.

    Frederic Lardinois

    Frederic LardinoisTechCrunch

  • If you've ever wanted more control over your browser history, you now have it with Vivaldi.

    Jack Wallen

    Jack WallenTechRepublic

  • If you're tired of the usual web browsers and think you could do better, Vivaldi is well worth a look.

    Catherine Ellis

    Catherine EllisTechRadar

  • Once you start digging into the different ways of using Vivaldi, you'll find a level of fine-grained control you won't find elsewhere.

    Scott Gilbertson

    Scott GilbertsonArs Technica

  • Vivaldi is a web surfer’s complete toolbox, packed with gadgets you probably didn’t even know you needed. It’s a browser that you can move into, and make your own.

    Kevin Parish

    Kevin ParishDigital Trends

  • I was impressed by the variety of ways it allows users to tweak their browsing experience. Some of these, like a note-taking panel and a quick way to group similar open tabs, struck me as potentially quite useful.

    Walt Mossberg

    Walt MossbergThe Verge

  • I’d definitely recommend pairing this with the web version if you want the best Vivaldi experience.

    Brendan Hesse

    Brendan HesseLifehacker

  • Vivaldi’s inventive new features help get things done on the web.

    Jared Newman

    Jared NewmanFast Company

  • Vivaldi has brilliant tab-management features. That’s why I’ve become addicted to Vivaldi.

    Clive Thompson

    Clive ThompsonWired

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Vivaldi browser protects you from trackers, blocks unwanted ads, and puts you in control with unique built-in features.

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