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Olga Apostolova
Written by Olga Apostolova

A person writing on paper.

How to publish on Vivaldi’s blogging platform

November 8, 2017

Now that so many of you are blogging, it’s time to share a few tips on things to look out for before you hit Publish.

5 tech blogs our team and community want you to read

November 6, 2017

Vlogs are in, blogs are out, right? Not so, it seems. We asked our team and community which individual tech bloggers they like to read and got some great recommendations.

Maria from Vivaldi team.

It’s Internet Day, let’s talk about the Internet

October 29, 2017

What is the Internet, why should it stay open and how come the browser is the most important programme on your computer? Vivaldi’s devs in plain language.