You’re holding it wrong!

April 3, 2024

We believe in giving you choice and customization options in our browser. Unlike a certain tech giant, there’s no finger-pointing with Vivaldi. Just our commitment to a better browsing experience.

Why you can’t move bookmarks from one browser to another on iOS/Android

March 7, 2024

You should be able to easily move your data to different services and apps. Find out how Vivaldi browser makes this possible on desktop with data portability, despite challenges on mobile.

Beyond the code and behind the Vivaldi browser with our iOS Developer, Priyonto

February 22, 2024

In the latest edition of our behind-the-scenes series, Priyonto M Rahman gives us a glimpse into his workflow as an iOS Developer, and the role cricket and football play while he codes.

Why Vivaldi is a must-have in every writer’s toolbox

February 8, 2024

The Vivaldi browser has put the joy back into writing. Find out how switching to Vivaldi from Chrome and Firefox has transformed my writing process.

Vivaldi Feed Reader: Break free from the algorithm

January 29, 2024

Vivaldi’s Feeds breaks free from Big Tech’s mould, showcasing the untapped potential of how you can absorb content efficiently based on your preferences. Let’s discover its benefits.

“Wrong to turn the Internet into a surveillance economy”: Jon von Tetzchner at Web Summit 2023. 

December 1, 2023

Is it possible to build sustainable products without spying on users? What does the future of browsing look like? Watch our CEO, Jon von Tetzchner answer these questions at Web Summit 2023.