Beyond the code and behind the Vivaldi browser with our iOS Developer, Priyonto

In the latest edition of our behind-the-scenes series, Priyonto M Rahman gives us a glimpse into his workflow as an iOS Developer, and the role cricket and football play while he codes.

In our ongoing series of getting to know the talented minds behind Vivaldi, Priyonto takes us behind building our browser on iOS, why he prefers the Vivaldi browser while coding, and what makes it a standout, plus a peek into his life beyond the code as an iOS Developer.

At Vivaldi, we pride ourselves on standing out in a crowd. While many companies focus on tracking users for profit, Vivaldi remains committed to creating a powerful browser in terms of customizability and privacy by relying on user and community feedback.

Priyonto emphasizes the genuine dedication of the Vivaldi team in making a difference with a smile at the office. The sense of responsibility and a stress-free environment, make working at Vivaldi a remarkable experience for him.

A proud moment

The Chromium project is one of the largest open-source repos where one can get lost easily while trying to resolve any issues or while making a slight change in the code. 

So, making our Vivaldi browser look, work, and feel like “Vivaldi” does come with some unique challenges. However, we care about people and what they expect and, offer a powerful and customizable browser as we do on our other platforms i.e. Desktop or Android.

But for Prio, everything is worth it when people who use our Vivaldi browser are happy and love it.

This is why releasing the iOS version of Vivaldi marked a day of personal and professional pride for Priyonto. Contributing to a product that adds value and innovation to the browsing experience, brought a sense of accomplishment while showcasing the power of collaborative effort among colleagues.

With EU regulation changing soon, Apple opens the possibility for browsers to be built with third-party browser engines other than WebKit, but only in Europe. We’ll know more once things unfold.

Why Vivaldi over other browsers

In the Vivaldi browser on Desktop, Priyonto lists his favorite standout features such as Tab Stacks, Tab Tiles, Web Panels, Spatial Navigation, and Integrated Mail & Calendar. He highlights the Workspace feature as most valuable in terms of increasing productivity and efficiency.

As a developer, Priyonto constantly switches between dealing with different bugs and features. With the Workspace feature on Vivaldi on Desktop, he can manage his workflow for each task on dedicated workspaces with relevant tabs or tab stacks open without mixing anything up. 

The Workspace + TabStack + Tab Tiling combo is literally a non-negotiable part of my workflow and something no other desktop browser can give me.

Lessons learned

An important lesson Priyonto has learned so far is the need for patience and taking breaks. Recognizing that there’s always another way to approach challenges, he encourages everyone to step back and refresh their perspectives, improving creativity and problem-solving.

Beyond the code

Priyonto’s passion for programming extends into his daily life, even seeping into his dreams. However, he balances this with a love for travel, sports, music, and the captivating worlds of science fiction movies. A sports enthusiast, Priyonto has a particular fondness for cricket and football.

In addition, Priyonto’s diverse interests extend to a love for music, favoring a blend of pop and soft rock. Artists like Charlie Puth, Bryan Adams, and Enrique Iglesias capture his attention with their distinctive voices and emotional storytelling, especially in tracks like “Attention,” “Summer of ’69,” and “Hero”.

His taste in movies includes the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with standout moments like Captain America lifting the Mjolnir and Iron Man’s epic snap in Avengers: Endgame.

Getting to know Priyonto offers a peek into the skilled and diverse personalities that contribute to the dynamic environment at Vivaldi. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes insights from our extraordinary team. Do you have questions for Priyonto? Ask him in the comments below. 👇

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