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We believe in giving you choice and customization options in our browser. Unlike a certain tech giant, there’s no finger-pointing with Vivaldi. Just our commitment to a better browsing experience.

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In the archives of technological blunders, the Apple Antennagate incident stands out like a sore thumb, or in this case, like a hand obstructing the lower left corner of the iPhone 4. In 2010, Apple released the iPhone 4, with an exterior antenna band that promised superior signal reception.

Caught off guard, this feature led Apple to a PR nightmare. Customers complained about the spotty reception or dropped calls even in areas with strong mobile signals caused by this faulty product design when all they did was, hold the device with their hands. Apple plays the blame game with its users.

As reports of these signal issues started pouring in, Apple’s response was, shall we say, less than ideal. Instead of promptly owning up to a design flaw, Apple’s then-CEO, Steve Jobs, took to the stage to deliver the now-infamous line:

“Just avoid holding it in that way!”

Steve Jobs

Yes, according to Apple, the people who bought the iPhone 4 were at fault for daring to hold the iPhone 4 in a way that covered the antenna and interfered with signal reception. The fallout from Apple’s initial response was swift. Customers were annoyed that a tech giant of Apple’s caliber would refuse to acknowledge a glaring issue with its flagship product and blame them for it.

The lesson is clear: blaming users for a design flaw is never a good look, no matter how big of a tech giant you are and how shiny your gadgets may be.

Vivaldi works for you, gives you choices

Much like picking a movie to watch, we understand everyone craves the ability to create an online environment that suits their preferences. You express yourself through your outfits, choice of cars, choice of food, and they all tell a story of who you are as an individual. Vivaldi recognizes this desire and goes above and beyond to deliver a browsing experience that’s as unique as each individual.

So, we do things a little differently around here and have something for everyone. When faced with challenges or user feedback, unlike Apple, we don’t resort to finger-pointing or blaming our users for any potential issues. Instead, the Vivaldi team rolls up their sleeves, listens attentively to your feedback, and works tirelessly to address concerns raised by our community of users.

Our user-centric approach at Vivaldi is baked into the very core of our development process. By actively engaging with our enthusiastic user base, we ensure that the needs and preferences of real-world users drive every new feature, tweak, or improvement.

From the moment you launch the Vivaldi browser, you’re greeted with options to customize every aspect of your browsing environment to your heart’s content.

When it comes to browsing, there’s no right or wrong way to curate the experience for you. In a world where data dictates what’s best for you, we don’t collect it, we listen to you instead.

Want your tabs or toolbars on the side instead of the top? No problem. Prefer a dark theme with neon accents? You got it. Vivaldi’s customization options extend far beyond mere aesthetics, allowing you to tweak functionality, behavior, and even keyboard shortcuts or create mouse gestures to match your unique preferences.

One of our key features is our innovative tab management system, allowing you to stack, or tile tabs for better organization. This level of control caters especially to power users who need more from their browsing experience. We also offer built-in tools for note-taking, screenshot capture, the Vivaldi Feed Reader, and built-in Mail and Calendar tools to boost productivity.

Accessibility is another area we continuously work on to give more options for a more comfortable experience.

Tailor your browser to your needs

But customization in Vivaldi isn’t just about functionality. It’s about giving you the freedom to tailor your browsing environment according to your unique preferences and needs. Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers a clutter-free interface or a power user who thrives on feature-rich complexity, Vivaldi works to accommodate all your preferences with open arms.

Where tech giants like Apple sideline your needs and strip you of your individuality, we give you choice and personalization. By embracing the philosophy that “Everything’s an option!”, we allow everyone to turn browsing the internet into a deeply personal endeavor.

It’s a win-win situation that benefits both you and Vivaldi, ensuring that the browser remains a top choice for you who values customization, privacy, and a touch of fun to your browsing experience.

So, if you’re reading about Apple Anntennagate for the first time, let it serve as a tale of caution. The contrasting narratives of Apple’s antenna debacle and Vivaldi’s user-centric philosophy where “Everything’s an option!”, underscore the importance of customer respect and communication in the tech industry.

Technology surrounds us at every turn and at Vivaldi, we believe the better way forward is one that prioritizes transparency, collaboration, and a genuine commitment to building products that put users first.

Take a look at the latest release of Vivaldi 6.6, where we’ve incorporated several highly-requested upgrades by our community of Vivaldi users.

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