Collage of Vivaldi browser media coverage, September 2020

Breaks, browsing, and all that buzz

Eylül 18, 2020

With Vivaldi browser’s latest versions on desktop and Android out, the last two weeks have been buzzing with excitement. Let’s listen to some of the rattle the news has made.

Vivaldi on Android Address Bar and Tab Bar at the bottom of UI.

5 ways to customize Vivaldi browser on Android

Eylül 16, 2020

Vivaldi browser on Android is different from the pack. It adjusts to your preferences and workflow. Here are 5 ways you can customize it!

Swiping on the bottom toolbar is back – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2038.4

Eylül 12, 2020

Today’s snapshot contains a few regression fixes and a chromium update.

Address bar fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2038.4

Eylül 11, 2020

One last snapshot before the weekend, with a few fixes for recent address bar regressions.

Vivaldi on Android: Configurable Address Bar and Tab Bar, full-page blocking

Eylül 10, 2020

The latest version of Vivaldi on Android offers Address Bar and Tab Bar that can move to the bottom or top of the user interface. Also supports full-page blocking.

Minor update (2) for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.3

Eylül 10, 2020

This update includes security fixes from the Chromium project, and addresses several frequently reported issues with Vivaldi 3.3.

Easy Speed Dial folder creation – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2036.3

Eylül 9, 2020

This snapshot allows you to drag Speed Dial items over each other to create folders, and includes a fix for the accent color and Razer issues.

Work from home with productivity tools like Vivaldi

Stay productive (and happy) with these 3 work from home tools

Eylül 9, 2020

If not done right, working from home can hurt your productivity and wellbeing. Yet, using just these 3 tools will improve your productivity and make a difference to your day working from home. Let’s take a look.

Tab Tiling command improvements – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2035.3

Eylül 8, 2020

This snapshot improves how the tab tiling commands work.

Minor update for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.3

Eylül 8, 2020

This update fixes an issue where Vivaldi fails to successfully launch under certain locales.

Vivaldi Mobile RC 2 – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2030.24

Eylül 7, 2020

Today’s snapshot is the second release candidate for Vivaldi Mobile 3.3.

Vivaldi browser introduces Break Mode: the new way to pause the Internet

Eylül 7, 2020

Vivaldi 3.3 on desktop and notebooks arrives with a Break Mode, a new default Theme for Private Window, clickable parts of URLs in the Address Bar, base domain highlighting, and improved Tracker and Ad Blocker.

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