In your hands: From feedback to features

Your voice is the main ingredient to cooking a better browsing experience at Vivaldi. Find out why we eagerly look forward to hearing your voice loud and clear.

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We’ve got a story to tell—one that’s all about you, our incredible users, and how your feedback helps us continuously steer our ship in the right direction.

Picture this: We were on a mission to unify the menus and toolbars across iOS and Android platforms. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, as with any grand endeavor, we hit a few bumps along the way. But fear not, because where there’s a will to improve, there’s always a way.

On the latest version of Vivaldi on Android, we found ourselves facing some extra settings and conditions that weren’t present on iOS. This led us to make some compromises in the pursuit of a cohesive product design.

But let’s face it – despite our best intentions, these changes led to unintended consequences. And that’s exactly what happened when we set out to unify menus and toolbars with Vivaldi 6.6 on Android.

For the sake of consistency and streamlining the user experience, we made a couple of decisions that didn’t, for good reasons, sit quite right with some of you.

While doing this, we also had to prioritize enough room for the website’s URL, one of the most important security indicators in a browser. A URL lets you see what website you’re visiting so you’ll know that your secure connection is to the correct website.

The most important part of a URL is the domain name, such as “”, not any parts that might appear before it. For this reason, we focus on the right side of the domain name in the address field and try to make it big enough that the vast majority of domain names can be seen without needing to scroll sideways.

Taking these factors into consideration, we then decided to remove the panel button when tabs were positioned at the bottom. We thought this was a reasonable compromise given the limited space available for the URL field to be sufficiently visible.

Next, we removed a setting that allowed users to always display the Home button under similar circumstances – when tabs were positioned at the bottom. Again, our rationale was rooted in design constraints, but we realized quickly that some users value the convenience of having the Home button readily accessible.

Despite our best intentions, these changes didn’t resonate with everyone. And that’s okay. Because at Vivaldi, we firmly believe in changing course and turning things around when you, our users, think it’s necessary. We’re here to listen, learn, and grow together.

Let’s take a moment to contrast our approach with a little trip down memory lane. Recently we talked about a time when Apple, instead of acknowledging the problem in their product and working towards a solution, deflected blame onto its users.

Here’s the thing: We’re not here to sweep our blunders under the rug, brush off your feedback, and pass the blame onto you. We’re here to make things right. Because at the end of the day, Vivaldi is your browser, and we want you to browse the way you want.

So, what did we do? Well, first off, we listened. We heard your concerns loud and clear, and we went back to the drawing board. We realized that compromising on features that matter to you isn’t the way to go. So, we put our heads together and came up with solutions.

We reinstated the panel button on Android devices with tabs at the bottom; and as for the Home button setting? It’s back too. We want you to feel in control of your browsing experience, and that means giving you the options you need to make it your own.

But our commitment to putting you first doesn’t stop with that. We’re always looking for ways to improve, and your feedback is our compass.

Especially because we don’t track your actions in the browser. This makes it even more important for us that as many people as possible express their wishes and annoyances throughout our forums or various social media channels.

You can also leave us your review on the Google Play Store or App Store (yes, we read them all!), we want to hear from you. Your insights, suggestions, and even your constructive criticism help shape the future of Vivaldi.

In addition to addressing your specific concerns, we also take every opportunity to fine-tune other aspects of the Vivaldi experience. From performance enhancements to bug fixes, we’re constantly striving to raise the bar and deliver the best possible browsing experience for you.

Your feedback matters. Whether it’s a word of praise, a suggestion for improvement, or a bug report, every bit of input you provide helps us make Vivaldi better, stronger, and more yours.

As we continue on this journey together, don’t hesitate—drop us a line, join the conversation on our forums, or hit us up on social media. After all, Vivaldi isn’t just a browser—it’s a community. And together, there’s a lot we can accomplish.

Until next time, happy browsing!

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