Extra 6.7 fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 3329.19

Today’s snapshot includes a few fixes will will likely include in the next minor update to 6.7 stable. You snapshot users get them early.

We have also provided pre-release stable channel builds. These are for those of you who hit serious issues on startup and hence want to try upgrading early (having first tested in snapshot configuration). Autoupdate to these (or newer) stable builds will not be enabled until further testing is completed and the 6.7 first minor update is officially released.

Known Issues

  • Privacy Guard is not available in 3329.21 builds, since the stable stream is not part of the trial
  • While Windows ARM64 3329.21 builds are provided here for testing, they are not yet officially supported

Download – Snapshot channel (3329.19)

Download – Stable channel (3329.21)

(Note: Snapshot build 3329.19 and Stable 3329.21 are identical, except for icon resources and the channel they will receive updates from. The 3329.21 build also does not provide a way to run Privacy Guard.)


  • [Chromium] Federated credentials dialog covers UI (VB-105803)
  • [Crash] Crash on text input: additional fix (VB-87945)
  • [Crash] On startup for some users (VB-105886)
  • [Import][Bookmarks][Linux] Tries to import from itself (VB-105531)
  • [macOS] Share menu no longer works (VB-104730)
  • [Linux] Black screen with flag ozone-platform-hint wayland (VB-105882)
  • [Tabs] Forms and page scroll-position not restored when resuming discarded tabs (VB-105629)
  • [Workspaces] Speaker button on the workspace entry doesn’t work (VB-105846)

Main photo by Eirik Skarstein.