Just come back, Dan

Recently The Verge journalist Dan Seifert pondered whether he should come back to Vivaldi now that tracker blocking is in place. This is Vivaldi’s response.




Hello Dan, 

It’s always lovely to meet users who appreciate our efforts to create an infinitely personal browser. We’re lucky you’ve been one of them. 

Switching browsers is healthy yet we don’t want you to stray for too long. 😜

You know Vivaldi pretty well but with so much work (and heart) going into our browser, there are bound to be news and nuances you’ve missed. 

Here are a few things to ponder over those cups of coffee! 


Really, Dan, Vivaldi is one of a kind.

You can have it as simple as you want, as advanced as you want, or anything in between. Applications with fewer features won’t offer the same possibilities. They will be forever simple, even if you want more. 

We recently made an obsessive attempt to do some math (Gauss would be proud) and counted more than 3 billion combinations of Vivaldi settings. Well, we don’t want you to get carried away now but, really, how many useful settings should a browser need? 

Often it’s the little things that make a difference. Such as flowers or even the fresh smell of rain. Of course, it’s a little different in a browser. That’s why we focus on handy features.  

Have you tried adding Apple Music or Dailymotion to your search engines? Or anything else from this useful search engine “hall of fame” for that matter? That way you can search really fast, without navigating to the site’s homepage first

Or have you given our built-in mouse gestures a shot? Browsing with mouse gestures is more natural than choosing commands from a context menu or relying on the keyboard. Instead of moving your mouse to the toolbar for a certain task, right-click it and draw a pattern. It’s a game-changer! 

Or have you tried managing your endless notifications from the browser? Because, let’s face it, what better way is there? We detect the numbers and highlight them above the favicon in the tab – Twitter, LinkedIn, and all.

And the thing about native features is they know how to function nicely alongside each other. Dependency can create intense, overwhelming, and confusing emotions. We don’t want you to go through all that!

All we’re saying is you want to be less dependent on extensions. Because much as we like them (we support extensions out-of-the-box) they are often incompatible, can create a mess and get regularly abandoned leaving you to hunt for replacements. 


We aren’t typical in that way but we don’t track you and we don’t let others track you. We care so much about you that we have no interest in your data, Dan. 

The sites you visit, what you type in the browser, your downloads – we have zero interest and zero access to that data. It’s either stored locally on your machine or encrypted. And now we have cut out all the trackers. We just want you to enjoy your browsing! 

So yes, we’re proudly building Vivaldi without any privacy-infringing tracking.

And Sync? Not all browsers have Sync. Ours is not only exceptional, but it’s also extra secure

Seriously, how many apps do you know that can say that?


Yes, Dan, with Vivaldi you’ll never have to wonder how on earth it’s 3pm already! 



We have a handy movable Clock on the Status Bar that comes with a built-in countdown and alarm functionality including presets for the Pomodoro technique

That’s the best time management technique we’ve heard of. Break down work into those intervals separated by short breaks, and you’re halfway there. 

We’ve won hearts with this built-in gem of a tool, you know.

Maybe you don’t know it yet but our Clock is just what you need.


And if you hold for just a bit, there’s a mail client and more on the horizon. 

We aren’t contending for any awards here (are there any?), but Vivaldi is the most personal browser out there. 

So, yes, Dan, sip your coffee and craft your browsing! You can thank us later, send us flowers, whatever. Just come back. You should come back! 😍

Oh! And all that coffee’s on us.

Take care and stay safe!

Team Vivaldi

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