Keep your data safe across devices

Sync support was considered one of the most critical features for our Android release. And keeping the synced data safe was a must. Here we explain how we implemented Sync on Android.

Sync browsing data between devices

Sync is a useful functionality that lets you keep your data accessible across devices. That means you can use Vivaldi to bookmark a page on your computer and, within a minute, go on to find the same bookmark on your phone or another computer. 

In Vivaldi, currently, you can sync:


Speed Dials


Webpage passwords

Autofill information


Remote sessions


Some of the Settings (we’ll add more in the future). 

That’s a lot of personal data. And while easy access to this data is important, keeping it safe is a must. 

In this video, Vivaldi Sync Lead Julien Picalausa talks about how we implemented Sync on Android and how we make sure your data will not get compromised. 


So with Vivaldi, you can securely Sync your data with end-to-end encryption across multiple devices. Vivaldi stores Sync data on its own servers in Iceland. The servers are well protected from intrusion both physically and from the network. 

Even though we are using the Sync engine from Chromium, we have modified it to use our own server instead of Google’s servers. This means you do not need to trust Google with your data.

The Sync engine comes with the ability to encrypt everything end-to-end. In Vivaldi, we’ve made encryption enforced so that even if the Sync servers get breached, the data cannot be used as it is encrypted.

All you need to do to use Sync is sign in with a Vivaldi Account. Make sure to choose a strong Sync passphrase or a randomly generated password stored in a password manager and you are set. 

Sync is part of the ever-growing Vivaldi ecosystem which also includes the free and ad-free Vivaldi Webmail and blogging platform. 

Vivaldi for Android Beta is available now on Google Play.

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