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Team Vivaldi
Written by Team Vivaldi

Vivaldi 2.0

Выпущен браузер Vivaldi 2.0

September 21, 2018

Vivaldi 2.0 – это новейшая версия браузера, который предоставляет пользователям полный контроль над этим самым важным приложением для работы в сети. Обновление включает такие новые функции, как синхронизация, плавающие боковые панели, изменяемую ширину размещённых вкладок и ещё более 1500 улучшений, сделанных в браузере с выхода первой версии.

The Internet should remain open and free

September 20, 2018

The EU has moved one step closer to breaking the Internet as we know it. But all is not lost.

Vivaldi 2.0

Vivaldi browser launches 2.0

September 19, 2018

Vivaldi 2.0 is a robust upgrade of the browser that gives users full control of their most important application. Includes Sync, Floating Side Panels, Resizable Split-Screen Tabs, and over 1,500 improvements since its first version.

Beyond just programming. Meet Vivaldi’s newest team members.

September 13, 2018

On International Programmers’ Day, we celebrate four exceptional people who joined the team recently. Let’s make them feel very welcome!

Vivaldi’s code integration. Our developers speak.

September 12, 2018

Recently, Norway’s leading tech publication Digi.no published a story about how Vivaldi works with the Chromium code. In the interview, three of our devs talk for the first time about this little-known side of building Vivaldi.

5 reasons why reading on your computer is a better experience with Vivaldi

September 6, 2018

Love reading? On ‘Read a Book Day’, we talk about an amazing built-in feature in Vivaldi you simply can’t ignore.

10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak

September 4, 2018

Customizing Vivaldi is not only fun but can seriously improve your productivity and speed. Let’s see how Vivaldi users from around the globe are tweaking Vivaldi.

Tab Management features in the Vivaldi browser

10 tab management tricks in Vivaldi picked by our community

August 30, 2018

Tabs. Tabs. Tabs. Let’s dive into one of the most used and loved features in Vivaldi today.

Why I started using this search engine? Vivaldi Soprano Pierre Creuseveau on Qwant.

August 6, 2018

Pierre Creuseveau from France, a software testing addict, is one of our very valuable community members. But there is much more you might want to know about him than his choices on the Web. Read on.

Features vs extensions in your browser

Features vs Extensions

August 2, 2018

Browser extensions let you add new features – literally extending the functionality of your browser. But should you go for extensions or native, built-in features?