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Team Vivaldi
Written by Team Vivaldi

Nothing personal

January 26, 2018

More and more people are taking action to regain control of their personal information online. With Data Privacy Day around the corner, we asked our devs for some tips on how to do this.

Jón von Tetzchner: Ask me anything about Vivaldi

January 18, 2018

At the end of next week, a prominent member of our volunteer community will meet Vivaldi’s founder and have the opportunity to ask him your questions about Vivaldi. What would you like to ask? Post your questions and get a reply straight from the source.

Time to vote: Win a trip to meet Vivaldi in Oslo

January 16, 2018

Our Vivaldi community competition to win a trip to Oslo and meet the team is now in its final stage. We’ve shortlisted 20 entries and are asking you – our community – to vote for the best one. The winner will visit Vivaldi HQ in 2018

Photo of Garry Bartsch

Garry Bartsch “g_bartsch” modifies and 3D prints things he needs

January 12, 2018

We continue with our stories presenting some of the most engaged members of Vivaldi’s community. Wanna find out who’s behind the “g_bartsch” avatar?

Vivaldi plane

Win a trip to meet Vivaldi in Oslo

December 20, 2017

Enter the Vivaldi community competition to win a trip to Oslo and meet our team!

Bug or Feature

December 15, 2017

Vivaldi devs engage in a heated debate over bugs vs. features. Read on for a behind-the-scenes exclusive.

The Vivaldi browser is available on Raspberry Pi

Браузер Vivaldi выпускает версию для Raspberry Pi и других Linux-устройств на базе ARM

December 4, 2017

ПРОСЬБА НЕ РАСПРОСТРАНЯТЬ ДО 14:00 ПО МОСКОВСКОМУ ВРЕМЕНИ, 5 ДЕКАБРЯ 2017 Осло, Норвегия, 5 декабря 2017. Браузер Vivaldi впервые выпускает экспериментальную версию для Linux-устройств на базе процессоров ARM, включая Raspberry Pi. В дополнение к платформам Windows, macOS and Linux (x86/x86_64), браузер Vivaldi теперь также доступен для ряда Linux-устройств на базе ARM. В их числе модели […]

The Vivaldi browser is available on Raspberry Pi

The Vivaldi browser releases for Raspberry Pi and other ARM based Linux devices

December 1, 2017

The Vivaldi browser releases an experimental build for Linux on ARM devices, including Raspberry Pi.

Alex, XtremalRaven, photo.

Alexander Shmidt does not accept the status quo

November 24, 2017

Alexander is a software developer and a hobby photographer who likes creating. Originally from Ukraine, he currently works in Amsterdam for digital marketplace Booking.com.

Vivaldi 1.13

Браузер Vivaldi представляет Панель окон с полным контролем над вкладками

November 22, 2017

Осло, Норвегия, 22 ноября 2017. Самый функциональный и настраиваемый браузер Vivaldi позволяет с лёгкостью управлять множеством вкладок благодаря новой Панели окон. В новой версии Vivaldi 1.13 также улучшена работа с загрузкой файлов и повышена общая производительность. Панель окон Браузер Vivaldi представляет Панель окон, позволяющую удобно и просто управлять множеством вкладок. В данной панели все вкладки […]