See what’s next in Vivaldi with the latest public test builds

Exorcism – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1042.3

December 15, 2017

Some really nice fixes just before the weekend! This should resolve most of the issues with ghost processes and lost sessions.

Movable Web Panels – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1038.3

December 11, 2017

In today’s snapshot we add support for reorganizing your Web panels.

Regression fixes and Linux ARM builds – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1036.3

December 7, 2017

For today’s snapshot we fix several, serious recent regressions and start providing our test builds for Linux ARM to snapshot users.

Sync settings in the Vivaldi Browser

Sync is here, help us test it – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.14.1030.3

November 29, 2017

It’s here – the first Snapshot with Sync. Now we need your help to test it.

Vivaldi 1.13 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.13.1008.30

November 21, 2017

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 1.13.

Regression fixes and translations – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.13.1008.21

November 17, 2017

Today’s snapshot features some more regression fixes.

Moving towards a stable version – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.13.1008.19

November 16, 2017

Today’s Snapshot includes a number of regression fixes and a Chromium update.

Beginning of week fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.13.1008.18

November 14, 2017

Our main focus these days is on fixing as many regressions as possible. We are getting closer to stable 1.13.

End of week fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.13.1008.14

November 10, 2017

We are continuing with stabilization of 1.13, with further fixes for some recent regressions.

Mac fixes – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.13.1008.11

November 8, 2017

Today’s update fixes a couple of serious Mac issues and includes a minor update to Chromium.