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See what’s next in Vivaldi with the latest public test builds

Second release candidate for Vivaldi 1.11

Vivaldi 1.11RC2 – Vivaldi browser Snapshot 1.11.917.35

August 8, 2017

Today we roll out the second release candidate for 1.11 stable with some key improvements.

Jumping man from unsplash.com

Moving towards the final – RC 1

August 3, 2017

Final for 1.11 is getting close and we are out with our first release candidate. We continue our focus on fixing as many bugs as possible that have regressed since 1.10.

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.11.917.17

GIFs or no GIFs? Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.917.17

July 31, 2017

Get rid of Monday blues with a new snapshot. More options include disabling of GIF animations to help with web accessibility and Configurable gesture sensitivity.

Book & Coffee

The fixes are back! Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.915.3

July 25, 2017

The fixes are back! With minor Reader Mode and Installer improvements.

Thursday Fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.11.904.3

July 13, 2017

Seems like summers and fixes go hand in hand. We have yet another snapshot which rolls out some more necessary fixes that will give you a steady browsing experience.

Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.901.3

Ahoy!! A fresh snapshot with critical media fixes and a brand-new icon is here – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.901.3

July 10, 2017

Today’s snapshot is no less than a summer treat for you with several improvements including some major media fixes.

A few updates and a security fix – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.894.3

July 3, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! To kick off the week we have a new Snapshot for you with a few updates and a security fix.

Speed Dial button options

New Speed Dial button options – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.890.4

June 29, 2017

Wrapping up our annual meet-up in Magnolia with a new Snapshot including added options for Speed Dial buttons and the return of 32-bit Linux.

Vivaldi Snapshot 1.11.882.4

Fixing a known issue from last Snapshot

June 21, 2017

We’re back today with a new Snapshot to fix the known issue from our last one and a few other fixes for good measure.

Reader Mode configuration

Reader mode configuration panel – Vivaldi Browser Snapshot 1.11.880.3

June 19, 2017

Direct from Innovation House in Magnolia, the first Snapshot for 1.11 is here. We’ve added a new panel so you can tweak your Reader Mode settings on the fly, adjusting font, size and light/dark themes.