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Vivaldi presents the beta version of its browser for Android

Przeglądarka Vivaldi staje się mobilna

Settembre 4, 2019

Vivaldi wyrusza w podróż po urządzeniach mobilnych, prezentując w pełni funkcjonalną wersję beta przeglądarki na urządzenia z systemem Android.

Vivaldi становится мобильным

Vivaldi становится мобильным

Settembre 3, 2019

Vivaldi выходит на мобильный рынок, представляя полнофункциональную бета-версию браузера для Android-устройств.

O navegador Vivaldi lança uma versão beta su Android

Vivaldi vai para o celular

Settembre 3, 2019

O navegador Vivaldi embarca em sua jornada para o celular, lançando uma versão beta com todos os recursos para dispositivos Android.

Vivaldi sort sa version bêta pour Android

Vivaldi devient mobile

Settembre 3, 2019

Le navigateur Vivaldi se lance dans le mobile et publie une version bêta complète pour les appareils Android.


Settembre 3, 2019

From “Flash is dead” to “Flash will never die” our users are split over the virtues of the Flash technology. Even though it’s being phased out, we decided to make it an option – while it’s still here.

10 Vivaldi shortcuts you should try today

Agosto 30, 2019

Keyboard shortcuts let you do more with less effort. But this is not the only reason you should try them. Here we share more reasons, along with some of our favorite shortcuts!

Search with Ecosia in Vivaldi and plant trees

Browse for future

Agosto 27, 2019

Precious forests are burning in Brazil and elsewhere on the planet. Over the past two years, Vivaldi users have helped plant an astonishing 142,457 trees. What’s more, our tree count has doubled since April! Here’s how you can help too.

Reproducing bugs in Vivaldi browser

Help us reproduce your issue

Agosto 22, 2019

To be able to fix a bug you’ve found in Vivaldi, we first need to reproduce it. Here’s how you can help us get to the bottom of what’s, erm, bugging you.

Vivaldi 2.7

Vivaldi 2.7: Сделайте ваш день более продуктивным

Agosto 21, 2019

Новая версия предлагает улучшенный контроль медиаконтента, более удобную навигацию и многое другое.

Vivaldi 2.7

Vivaldi 2.7 : Bring more productivity to your day

Agosto 21, 2019

The new version powers up better sound controls, smoother navigation and overall improvements.

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