Flexibility all the way: Vivaldi browser arrives in Lynk & Co cars

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to give you the complete freedom to browse wherever you want. We now arrive in Lynk & Co cars, a company changing the way we think about car ownership.

As an integral part of every individual’s everyday life, we’re proud to empower millions to browse the way they want, even in a wide range of cars using Android Automotive.

Now being available in Lynk & Co cars is another step on that journey. 

Lynk & Co adopts a unique approach to using cars more efficiently, creating communities, and making mobility more sustainable. We’re thrilled that the drivers of Lynk & Co 01 will be introduced to an all-new experience of browsing the web and more with Vivaldi in their car. 

Introducing Vivaldi in Lynk & Co: Let’s browse

Vivaldi is fully functional and works great in Lynk & Co 01 cars

Lynk & Co offers a lot of flexibility. They offer their drivers a monthly subscription model, the possibility to lease, or the opportunity to buy the Lynk & Co 01 while they take care of the insurance, maintenance, and more. 

And this is where our worlds meet.

At Vivaldi, flexibility is part of our DNA and something our users love about us! Our powerful features are central to how we meet the needs of each individual. 

You can finally fill those boring waits in your car with something fun with our in-car browser and its functionality and unique interface.

Our user interface has been designed to work seamlessly on big screens, especially for cars, tablets, and Chromebooks. For instance, you get exceptional zooming abilities with Vivaldi.

With our built-in Tracker and Ad blockers, you can browse the web and enjoy shopping without any distractions. 

Preparing for a meeting in your car just got easier too. The built-in Notes feature gives you the much-needed space within your browser to jot down ideas, add images, files, directly copy text from websites, and even sync them with our encrypted Sync functionality with devices that have the browser installed. 

We are extremely pleased to partner with Lynk & Co and give their drivers a unique and powerful way to explore the web. We continue to lead the way for in-car browsing and raise the standard, even though the standard was set by us”, says Jon von Tetzchner, Co-Founder and CEO at Vivaldi.

A relationship driven by the community 

Vivaldi’s user interface has been designed for big screens

It all started with Lynk & Co’s community of users who requested a browser in the car to elevate their in-car experiences. This is why Vivaldi became an obvious choice of browser for Lynk & Co. 

Because we share the same ethos – to make the lives of our users and drivers as hassle-free as possible –  we’ve been working together for a long time now to give drivers the best browsing experience. 

We had a blast building the browser for Lynk & Co. and can’t wait for the drivers to try it out.

We have listened to our users, there was a desire for a custom web service in the car to check the weather and stream videos whilst parked. We are pleased to partner with Vivaldi as our new in-car browser that provides a complete internet experience. Keep the feedback coming!” says David Green, strategy, product & offer at Lynk & Co

Explore the wide, wild world in your car 

At Vivaldi, we’re a bunch of browser enthusiasts who love to make your browsing fun and productive. Now that you have the browser in the 01 car, let your imagination run wild. 

Just like Lynk & Co ensures the well-being of their drivers, we do too. This is why safety comes first and the browser works only when the car is standing still or parked.

Download the latest version of the Vivaldi browser on Lynk & Co’s app store, log into the Lynk & Co account, and enjoy a world of seamless browsing from the driver’s seat!

Vivaldi browser in Lynk & Co 01 cars

So whether you want to turn your car into a private cinema or private spa, we’re excited about our partnership with Lynk & Co.

Chase waves right from the driver’s seat or dive into the ocean. Let your imagination run free.

There you have it – some ideas on how to make your browsing experience in the Lynk & Co 01 even awesome(r).

Enjoy the ride!

Get away from Big Tech and have fun doing it

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