Vivaldi steers in-car browsing: Now available in the all-new Ford and Lincoln infotainment system

Ford and Lincoln’s new infotainment brings the Vivaldi browser, to be downloaded in the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus SUV.

We are proud to be part of Ford’s latest infotainment system – Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience – released in its 2024 Lincoln Nautilus SUV and soon in its other vehicles.

With the Vivaldi browser available in more Ford and Lincoln cars going forward, we are thrilled that people can experience personal and powerful browsing with features we all rely on every day.

Stuff to do with Vivaldi when your car is parked

  • Make the most of your stop: Vivaldi’s in-car features are geared to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle. Stream music and movies, play games, shop from your car seat, and more. You are now able to navigate seamlessly, and stay connected effortlessly—all from the convenience of your car.

    Tabs will be automatically synced with our built-in encrypted Sync functionality between the vehicle and the Vivaldi browser in use on any smartphone, tablet, or computer, making this an excellent way to carry on browsing when moving from the car to the phone or computer.
  • Use that big screen potential: Imagine having your work tools at your disposal during a break from driving down the highway. Vivaldi enables you to be productive on the go, with features like note-taking, split-screen browsing, and quick access to bookmarks. Your parked car just transformed into your mobile office.

With privacy-friendly features in the browser such as a built-in ad blocker, tracking protection, and encrypted sync functionality, we ensure you have control over your data wherever you are. Prioritizing your safety, the browser will only be functional when the car is parked.

You can now enjoy Vivaldi’s unparalleled customization and built-in features including a unique user interface designed for larger screens. With large touch screens becoming more common in vehicles and more automakers embracing this trend, Vivaldi fits in perfectly.

Highlights of the Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience

The automaker released a bevy of details of their Android-based infotainment system, which allows an array of apps, including the Vivaldi browser, YouTube, and games to be downloaded onto the touchscreen. You can read their press release for more information.

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus SUV, the first vehicle to feature Ford’s new system, comes with its massive 48-inch 4K panoramic display and a much smaller 11.1-inch touchscreen in the center.

The Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience is the fastest system ever offered by them, with five times faster main processing and almost 14 times faster graphics processing. It also boasts four times the memory and eight times the storage compared with the previous Ford Sync 4 system. The system includes 5G wireless connectivity, an available Wi-Fi hotspot, and over-the-air software updates.

While the system is based on the Android Automotive architecture, the software in-house allows for quicker updates.

Your window to a smarter drive

Vivaldi stays at the forefront of in-car browsing and we are extremely excited that more drivers will have the power at their fingertips in their cars.

Being the first browser on Google Play for cars with Google built-in, and available in other compatible app stores with Android Automotive OS, we are proud to be available in Polestar 2, Polestar 3, Volvo, Renault’s next-generation cars – Megane E-Tech Electric, All-New Austral, Renault Master, and all future cars with OpenR Link system, select Audi models from the Volkswagen group, Mercedes E-Class and CLE Coupe, and the recently launched Lynk & Co.

Now, we welcome Ford and Lincoln drivers to a new era of in-car browsing with Vivaldi.

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Some people have already gotten their hands on the new Lincoln, here’s a first-hand peek. A video from the Automoto Network.

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