Renault 5 makes an electric comeback, now with the integrated Vivaldi browser

Renault’s new electric car, the Renault 5 is its latest vehicle to have Vivaldi in it. Additionally, Renault Megane E-Tech Electric and Renault Austral also feature our browser in their OpenR Link multimedia system.

Renault unveiled its latest electric vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show, the Renault 5, equipped with an innovative multimedia system called OpenR. What makes this launch even more exciting for us is integrating the Vivaldi browser into the OpenR system, offering a unique and smooth digital experience for drivers and passengers alike.

The return of the Renault 5 signals a nostalgic comeback, as the iconic French model has been transformed into a compact electric vehicle.

The journey with Renault has been exciting so far. The Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, Renault Austral, Renault Master, the new Renault 5 and Renault Scenic, and all future Renault cars equipped with the OpenR Link system have Vivaldi in them. 

The Renault 5, as part of the E-TECH Electric family, boasts of a sleek and modern aesthetic while prioritizing eco-friendly features, making it an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers while the Renault Scenic E-tech offers up to 379 miles (610 km) with its most powerful electric long-range battery. 

The size of your screen ensures optimum comfort. Apps are optimized for your use.

Vivaldi browser comes integrated into the new Renault 5 E-Tech Electric

Vivaldi browser integrated into Renault’s OpenR Multimedia System

At the heart of the Renault 5’s technological capability lies the OpenR multimedia system. Designed to enhance the driving experience, OpenR integrates right into the vehicle’s functionalities, providing users with intuitive controls, navigation, and entertainment options across many apps, including our own. 

Our browser, known for its highly customizable interface, brings a new dimension to the in-car multimedia experience. With Vivaldi, drivers and co-passengers can browse the internet, access their favorite websites, stay connected on the road, or play games all from the comfort of their Renault 5.

Renault further adds that drivers can, “use Vivaldi app to access your accounts on Disney+, Netflix or YouTube, perfect to use when you’re stationary in the car such as when you are topping up charge.”

Vivaldi’s user-friendly interface makes room for easy navigation while parked or while charging your Renault vehicle, allowing you to make video calls, shop, or game in the comfort of your car. It seamlessly syncs tabs across devices, serving as an efficient research tool with built-in Notes and Capture Page features. We prioritize secure and private browsing for drivers and include tracking protection and a powerful ad blocker.

We’re proud to continue staying at the forefront of in-car connectivity and browsing, it’s exciting!

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