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Toolbar customization and disabling the autoplay of videos – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2679.3

May 20, 2022

Today’s snapshot includes a couple new features, a major Chromium bump and a ton of fixes. Enjoy the weekend!

Address bar swipe gesture option – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2672.3

May 12, 2022

Today’s snapshot introduces address bar swipe gesture setting, and upgrades Chromium to 102.

Reset settings to defaults – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2669.3

May 10, 2022

Today’s snapshot allows you to reset your settings… plus, a few more fixes. 😉

Mail and Calendar improvements and a minor Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2658.3

April 28, 2022

Today’s snapshot various mail and calendar fixes and a small Chromium with security fixes.

Search in language dropdowns – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2658.3

April 28, 2022

This snapshot adds search in language dropdowns in the translate panel, resolves some tabs related bugs and includes a Chromium bump.

Bug fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2656.3

April 26, 2022

Today’s snapshot includes a range of different fixes, some of which will be taken to the 5.2 stable branch. Test carefully!

Yay… it’s Friday – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2652.3

April 22, 2022

Today’s snapshot brings you up to date with the latest internal developments.

Rename tab stack – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 2651.3

April 21, 2022

In today’s snapshot you can now rename tab stack and edit stack while on web page.

Security fix – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2649.3

April 19, 2022

Today’s snapshot includes a fix for CVE-2022-1364 from Chromium upstream, along with some other updates.

Lots of crash fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2643.3

April 13, 2022

Today’s snapshot includes a bunch of fixes for common crashes, a (minor) Chromium and lots of other small improvements.

Post 5.2 release – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2636.3

April 6, 2022

Today’s snapshot includes a bunch of fixes that arrived after the 5.2 release. Some of which we may backport for a minor update.

Vivaldi 5.2 RC 2 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2623.22/24

April 5, 2022

Today’s snapshot is the second release candidate for 5.2 for desktop and notebooks.