See what’s next in Vivaldi with the latest public test builds

Closing in on 2.4 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1488.4

March 19, 2019

2.4 is getting quite close now, so today’s snapshot is focused on fixing recent regressions.

Bookmarks bar context menu support – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1483.4

March 14, 2019

With today’s snapshot we have added support for context menus inside folders on the bookmarks bar (for Windows and Linux), fixed a ton of regressions and taken a minor bump to Chromium.

Further Toolbar customization – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1476.4

March 7, 2019

With today’s snapshot you can move buttons between toolbars, use our new Quick Commands calculator, and try out the latest improvements to Chromium.

User profile support – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1468.4

February 27, 2019

Today’s Snapshot adds support for user profiles and a couple of user-requested options.

Control Tab Stacks even more and sync Bookmarks Bar – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1462.4

February 20, 2019

Today’s Snapshot has a couple of new features that give you more control over your tabs. Along with some nice fixes, this Snapshot is worth a test!

Mac improvements and bookmarking tab selections – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1455.4

February 11, 2019

Today’s snapshot has a few nice fixes for people using old Mac graphics cards and/or older versions of macOS, along with a new bookmarks option.

Vivaldi 2.3 RC 2 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1440.37

February 4, 2019

Today’s snapshot is the second release candidate for 2.3.

Vivaldi 2.3 RC 1 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1440.30

January 31, 2019

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 2.3.

Fixes, fixes, fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1440.4

January 28, 2019

Several crash and other stability fixes in today’s snapshot.

Spinner during page load – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1435.4

January 23, 2019

Several of you wanted a spinner during page load, so here it is.