5 signs it’s time to replace your browser

When it comes to switching browsers, breaking out of your comfort zone may be the biggest challenge. 

Street sign indicates it is time to replace browser.

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The browser you’re currently using might not be the best one for you, but you’re probably so used to its antics, you aren’t even looking for a new one.

Yet, the browser is the most important application on your computer and phone and it’s worth investing some time into choosing the right one.

A good browser will make a huge difference to your life and productivity. That’s because so much of what we do (especially right now) happens in the browser – we work in the browser, we collaborate, we communicate, it’s where we learn, have fun, create and build.

So when is it time to replace your browser?

1. Your more-techy friend cringes when they see what browser you use

We all have geeky friends who have their undying commitment to the tech things they love. They even obsess about their browser. Apparently, their browser is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s a browser that doesn’t just sit there but, would you believe it, lights up with your gaming devices, connects with smart home lighting, and whatnot. They vouch for their browser and are nudging you to replace your browser. They will even set it up for you. That’s how committed they are. Could they be onto something? 

2. The browser maker tells you how to browse

You’re stuck with a browser that is cutting down on functionality, rather than adding to it. You feel like your hands are tied. 

Do not worry. Browsers today tick way more boxes than they did even five years ago. A good browser can make a huge difference to your life and productivity through a wealth of built-in features.

In Vivaldi, we like to listen to our users and take the lead from there. We have a ton of useful features built into the browser, mitigating the need to add third-party extensions or apps. Things like taking notes right in your browser, viewing several webpages side by side, even reading text vertically should give you an idea of what’s possible straight out-of-the-box if you choose to replace your browser. 

3. You wake up to the fact that ads know you better than your mom

Most people trust their browser to do the best for them but many companies, including browsers, are built on the data-collection model and survive by selling your data to advertisers and publishers. 

Private data such as search history is often fed to algorithms that have the tendency to become biased. Algorithms will show you what they think you are more likely to click on. Eventually, they’ll put you in a bubble by showing you only things you agree with.

At Vivaldi, we don’t track or profile you. Nor do we collect usage data. We only try to have a general overview of how many users we have, what OS they run, and where in the world they are, taken as a whole. We generate revenue from partner deals with search engines and bookmark partners, not from selling personal data to advertisers and publishers. 

Speaking of search engines, your choice of a search engine can have a big impact on your privacy. We offer you several privacy-focused alternatives that protect you from surveillance and believe in the neutrality of search results. Many folks replace their browser on these grounds alone. 

4. The company behind your current browser gives you the creeps

There’s no two ways about this. The tools and services we use today shape our future. 

As you become more aware of the choices you make, the ethos of your browser company (or lack of thereof) may begin to bug you. Things like abuse of power, avoiding taxes, and record-breaking fines can be taken as tell-tale signs. Where do you draw the line? When is it high time to replace your browser? 

5. You’re not excited when the browser releases a new version

Worse. You are not even aware that your browser has a new version. This alone should be your wake up call to do some soul-searching. 

* * *

Do you know of more signs it’s time to replace your browser? Let us know in the comments!

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