What’s Vivaldi’s business model?

Browsers have different sources of income. Some use your data in ad networks, push promoted content or use other invasive methods to fund their development. We don’t. Here’s how we make the money we need to keep doing what we’re doing.

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Many businesses today, including browsers, are built on the data-collection model, and it’s hard to imagine that companies can survive without selling personal data to advertisers and publishers. 

Yet, at Vivaldi, we don’t track or profile you. Nor do we collect usage data. In fact, we believe that the unnecessary collection of data is dangerous and has no place in your browser. We only try to have a general overview of how many users we have, what OS they run and where in the world they are, taken as a whole.

We make the browser but how you use it and who you are your interests, income, personality is none of our business. Really, it’s our job and responsibility to protect your data

We build Vivaldi with passion and pride – for you. And while we are not in this to “make money”, like all businesses we need to make a living and pay the bills to keep doing what we do – in an ethical way. 

So let’s find out where our revenue comes from. 

Partner deals with search engines

Vivaldi generates revenue from partner deals with search engines. 

Every time you search using one of the pre-installed search engines, you’re helping us grow, one search at a time. Currently, we work with DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Startpage, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex and Neeva.

The only exception is Google – we don’t make money when you search with Google. However, we know that some of you use this search engine daily, so we include it in Vivaldi. 

If you need reasons to switch to a new search engine, take a look at why your choice of a search engine matters.

Partner deals with bookmark partners

Vivaldi also generates revenue from partner deals with bookmark partners. 

When you first install Vivaldi, you get several carefully chosen Speed Dial bookmarks on your Start Page, such as Booking.com and eBay. Others can be Kayak, Start.me, Amazon, AliExpress, Tripadvisor, Airbnb

We receive shared revenue from these bookmark partners. Every time you use one of them, we get a small amount that helps us build an even stronger Vivaldi. 

That said, you are free to replace any of these preinstalled bookmarks with your own. Or you could keep both, as long as what we offer is useful to you. 

Note that we may add bookmarks even if we don’t receive revenue – if we think they’d be valuable to you, we’ll include them anyway. 

If after reading this, you have a sudden desire to re-install the bookmarks you deleted, feel free to use the links above to add them back to your Speed Dial. 

Vivaldi’s Webmail and other services 

The foundation of Vivaldi is all about giving back to our community of users. 

The partner search and bookmark deals not only make it possible for us to build and provide the Vivaldi browser for free, they also let us support more services free of charge – currently, the ad-free Webmail and blogs. 

With Vivaldi Webmail you get your own @vivaldi.net email account hosted in Iceland. Our ad-free blogging platform is a great tool to publish and share your ideas. 

We don’t have a business model attached to the Webmail and blogs and this will remain the same in the future. These services are made possible by the partnerships, affiliations, and revenue we make from the browser. 

* * *

Want to helps us grow Vivaldi? It’s simple. Browse with Vivaldi and support our partners. And tell your friends! The more people that use the browser, the better. 

Thanks for using Vivaldi! 

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