Startpage and Vivaldi Browser give users easy, powerful way to improve online search privacy and security

As search traffic and privacy concerns rise, Startpage and Vivaldi deliver world-class search results without tracking, supported by strict European data protection laws

OSLO, Norway – 20th May 2020The Vivaldi browser integrates Startpage, the world’s first and most private search engine as one of its options to search the web. 

With this partnership, the two European companies put user privacy first and empower privacy-aware users to customize their browsing experience while receiving Startpage’s best-in-class search results and unrivaled privacy protection.

Vivaldi – available on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, as well as on Android devices – gives users the freedom and flexibility to browse exactly the way they want – and their approach to search engines is no different. In Vivaldi, users can set their default search engine to anything they like. However, Vivaldi has a selection of predefined options to choose from. Users can protect their private data by using search engines that don’t track them.

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“Search is at the core of the online experience for our users,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO and co-founder, Vivaldi. “We’re partnering with Startpage to make it easy for users to protect their privacy. They can search the Web freely and without any intrusions to their privacy.”

Browse with Startpage – the first privacy-focused search engine

A recent rise in global internet traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated consumer privacy awareness, as users have become increasingly mindful of how they might be tracked online and how their data may be used. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in April, over half of U.S. adults said they decided recently not to use a product or service because they were worried about how much personal information would be collected about them.

And privacy was an increasing concern prior to the crisis; in a recent survey, 84% of Vivaldi users said that the privacy reputation of a search engine is important to them. This partnership comes at a critical time for Vivaldi users who seek maximum privacy and control of their online experiences.

This collaboration expands on the Vivaldi browser’s long-standing commitment to privacy, choice, opportunity, and customization by bringing its users more private search options.

In addition to its wealth of features, the Vivaldi browser also offers a number of privacy-enhancing tools to protect users from trackers and unwanted ads. It puts users in control with its unique built-in features such as advanced tab management, an adaptive user interface, and customizable navigation tools.

Startpage is the world’s first private search engine, founded in the Netherlands in 2006, and does not track, log or share user data. Startpage searches deliver completely un-profiled results while also protecting users from annoying ad and price trackers that follow them around the web.

“Vivaldi browser’s speed, ad blockers, and tracking protection make it a highly customizable alternative to Chrome and Firefox and an ideal partner for us,” said Robert E. G. Beens, CEO and co-founder of Startpage. “Partnering with Vivaldi offers our users the combination of two great European products and gives them full privacy without sacrificing search results.”

How to set Startpage in Vivaldi

If users are installing Vivaldi for the first time, they can: 

  • Search with Startpage in the Address field by setting it as default in Settings > Search.
  • Search with Startpage using Search Engine Nicknames – no need to set it as default. In the Address field, type “s” (Startpages’s nickname) followed by a blank and the search term. 
  • Search with Startpage in the Search field to the right of the Address field. Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will reveal a menu of search engine options, including Startpage. 

Browse, search and respect data protection laws

Both Vivaldi and Startpage are headquartered in Europe and compliant with the continent’s strict data protection laws, including GDPR. Users can be confident neither company collects, shares, or sells their information to any third-party and both will proactively protect all user data from disclosure, giving them the most secure, safe, and private search possible.

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About Vivaldi Technologies

Vivaldi Technologies is an employee-owned company that creates products and services for web users. Vivaldi, a “do-it-your-way” browser, believes in putting its users first. Launched in 2016, Vivaldi takes browsing to the next level with unique built-in features that give users a more dynamic and personal experience of the web. With privacy at the core, Vivaldi does not track its users. It does not build user-profiles or collect usage statistics. Vivaldi is headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Reykjavik, Boston, and Palo Alto. Learn more about our mission at

About Startpage

Startpage is the world’s most private search engine. Founded in the Netherlands in 2006, the company has grown to become the preferred choice of anyone who cares about accurate search results as much as they care about their privacy. Startpage doesn’t track, log, share, or sell user data or search history. The company offers an exclusive feature – “Anonymous View” – which allows users to browse other websites without being tracked. Startpage offers best-in-class search results and applies its proprietary anonymizing process to protect users’ online privacy. The company delivers completely un-profiled search results and protects consumers from annoying ads and price trackers. Startpage protects its world-wide users by adhering to the stringent Dutch and EU privacy laws, including GDPR. To find out more about how to change to the world’s most private search engine, read installing the Startpage browser extension or setting Startpage as your default homepage. Follow the company on Twitter @startpage or sign up for its newsletter Privacy Please! at


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About Vivaldi Technologies

Vivaldi Technologies is an employee-owned company that creates products and services for discerning web users. In everything it does, Vivaldi believes in putting its users first. Vivaldi is headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Reykjavik, Boston and Palo Alto. Learn more about our mission at

For more information, please contact:

Varsha Chowdhury
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