Get to where you’re going faster

Open favorites instantly

Keep shortcuts to your favorite sites a click away by adding them to a Speed Dial. These customizable thumbnail links are shown on every new tab page.

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Get more from your History

Explore your history in a whole new way. Visual, informative and functional – History in Vivaldi lets you dig into browsing behavior and makes finding previously visited sites easier than ever.

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Search the web your way

Powerful search options let you find what you're looking for in your own way. Switch engines on the fly using nicknames. Add a separate default for searching in Private Windows. There’s a huge amount of flexibility to explore.

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Find anything in Vivaldi

Use the Quick Commands menu to find an open tab, search your history and bookmarks, or search the web with any installed search engine. You can even use it to find and issue commands in Vivaldi.

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Browse results quicker

Jump to the next page in a sequence or back to the first page you’ve visited at a site in a single click. Fast Forward and Rewind are great for navigating through search results.

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Bookmark fan? We’ve got you covered

Get organized with an extensive Bookmarks manager. Add nicknames and tags to keep things tidy and never lose track of a favorite again.

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First impressions of the latest build of Vivaldi - it's faster than Firefox.

Barry Collins

Barry Collins@bazzacollins