Why I use Vivaldi browser

Find out what attracted Kobami and has kept her using Vivaldi browser, both on Android and desktop.

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Today, we’re profiling a user who goes by the username “Kobami”, a public relations chief for an IT venture in Japan. She is also an established jazz singer who performs and hosts events regularly.

How long have you been using Vivaldi?

I started using Vivaldi for Android around 2019. I like trying different browsers on desktop and have used Lunascape, Opera, Firefox, etc. as well as Chrome and Edge. I’ve also used non-standard browsers on my smartphone but wasn’t satisfied with it. That’s when a former colleague recommended Vivaldi. So I gave it a try.

Kobami’s Android set-up

Do you use Vivaldi for both your work and personal life?

For all my personal browsing, I use Vivaldi. At work, I use the Chrome browser on both my PC and smartphone. I maintain this separation to prevent accidentally posting things from the wrong account. 

I need my private account to live announcements about upcoming events – posting them on my work account would be problematic. 

That’s why I use Vivaldi for private use and Chrome for work. Using different browsers makes sure that, whether I am on my PC,  smartphone or tablet, I am always using the correct social media and mail accounts.

It’s a system that works well for me.

You started with Vivaldi for Android. When did you start using the desktop version?

I started using Vivaldi on my desktop as soon as I started using it on my smartphone. I liked the built-in password manager from the start. Especially when I realized how convenient it would be to sync passwords between Vivaldi on my mobile devices and Vivaldi on my desktop. 

Indeed, being able to sync various data is a high point. That means I can use the browser seamlessly no matter what device I am using.

Also, Vivaldi for desktop made a terrific first impression. A site that was difficult to display with other browsers opened immediately. 

Have you chosen a theme for your desktop Vivaldi?

I change themes, according to my mood, but I trend toward pink and purple themes. Pink makes me feel cute, while purple makes me feel noble lol. Right now, I am using Rose Pine inspired. It’s beautiful and brings springtime to my desktop. And whenever I need new inspiration I head to Vivaldi Themes to look at the most recent additions.

Kobami’s Desktop theme, which she changes to match her mood

Have you customized your browser beyond themes?

Not that much. Most of the built-in features, like the excellent Ad Blocker, work right out of the box. I prefer using a browser with built-ins, so I don’t have to install a bunch of extensions, since I don’t always know who made them.  

I have configured the speed dials on my Start Page, of course, and I appreciate that these can be synced as well. 

Beyond that, I use Vivaldi as-is. It works for how I browse.

What’s your favorite thing about Vivaldi?

I like that it feels like a custom browser, just by using it normally. I also like that I can enjoy how well it works without having to think about how Vivaldi does it. While I work for an IT company, I am not an engineer myself, and not too techy. With Vivaldi, I feel I can just hop on and ride the browser wherever I want to go.

I guess you could say I am just very satisfied with the Vivaldi browser experience. It meets all my requirements, and I have no plans to switch. I love it!

Kobami started using Vivaldi, thanks to a tip from a co-worker. Have you been able to “convert” any of your friends or colleagues to Vivaldi? Share how you did it, below. 

Note: This profile is an adaptation of a Japanese blog post from IT Writer & Vivaldi User Tomonori Yanagiya, who originally interviewed Kobami for Vivaldi.

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