A lightweight Chrome alternative that doesn't track you

Vivaldi is a fast, ultra customizable web browser – like Chrome on steroids. But it prioritizes your privacy – not our own profits.

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Available for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux.

Super swift, intuitive, & feature-packed

We believe you should be in control of how your browser looks, feels, and works. With Vivaldi’s extensive built-in options and features, you can mix and match settings to create your ideal browser setup. And then add a custom theme to express your personality.

Multi-level tab stacks

A key example of our unparalleled tab management is tab stacking. Just drag and drop to organize your tabs, so you can find desired information much faster.

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Smarter productivity tools

Speed through your tasks with better navigation options, customizable UI, advanced built-in features and essential productivity apps: real mail client, private calendar and algorithm-free feed reader.

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Unlimited tabs in split-screen

Tab Tiling lets you view more than one page at a time, side by side or in a grid. For work and play — great for comparing deals or monitoring multiple Twitch streams!

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Full extension support

Vivaldi comes with so many features built in that you may find you no longer need your favorite extensions. But just in case, it's easy to install extensions from the Chrome extension store.

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Full support Partial support No support

Vivaldi vs. Chrome Vivaldi Chrome
Two-level tab stacks Full support No support
Tab groups Full support Full support
Unlimited tabs in split-screen Full support No support
Custom tab bar placement Full support No support
Custom address bar placement Full support No support
Periodic tab reload Full support No support
Custom macros Full support No support
Custom mouse gestures Full support No support
Custom keyboard shortcuts Full support No support
Built-in focus timer & productivity clock Full support No support
Custom apps & sites in the browser sidebar Full support No support
Manual tab hibernation (RAM saver) Full support No support
Break mode Full support No support
Built-in note editor Full support No support
Built-in mail Full support No support
Built-in calendar Full support No support
Built-in ad blocker Full support No support
Protection from trackers Full support No support
Custom blocking lists Full support No support
Secure sync with encryption key Full support Partial support
No tracking & profiling of user behavior Full support No support
Built-in features
In-browser screenshot tool Full support No support
Private full-page translate tool Full support Partial support
Pop-out video on any website Full support No support
Custom shareable themes Full support Partial support
Editable toolbars Full support No support
Compatible with Chromium extensions Full support Full support
Set up custom search engines Full support Partial support
Modify the look of pages with Page Actions Full support No support
Built-in reader mode Full support Partial support
Visual history with statistics Full support No support
Image details inspector Full support No support
On/off image animation Full support No support
On/off image load Full support Partial support

This chart is updated quarterly to reflect the latest versioning, and may not always reflect the most recent updates.

Ditch Big Tech for a privacy-first browser

We find the tracking of user behavior creepy, wrong and unnecessary. So, Vivaldi browser has no idea who you are or what sites you visit. Your browsing, your business. And we help you avoid others who do track, through the built-in tracker and ad blocker.

Trusted by millions of users

Having no external investors gives us the freedom to listen to our users and, together with them, build the browser they deserve.

3 100 000+Active users
1 600 000+Community members
0Outside investors

See Vivaldi in action

Check out this video to see how Vivaldi surpasses Google Chrome.

Switching to Vivaldi from Chrome is quick, easy, and fun.

Browse on the go. Wherever you go

Sync bookmarks, passwords, open tabs and more between your desktop and mobile devices by logging-in to your Vivaldi Account. So you can always pick up where you left off.

Get away from Big Tech and have fun doing it

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