Desktop Snapshots

Desktop Snapshots are work-in-progress builds that are available for anyone to download and test. Try new desktop browser features and fixes before anyone else!

Two-level tab stacks enabled by default – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2137.3

December 15, 2020

Today’s snapshot enables Two-level tab stacks for all (they are no longer behind an experiment) and bumps our Chromium backend to 88.

YouTube RSS support – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2131.8

December 10, 2020

Today’s snapshot has an interesting feature for those following the Technical Preview of RSS, YouTube feed support.

Two-level Tab Stacks – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2130.3

December 9, 2020

Today’s snapshot includes our new Two-Level Tab Stacks, even more configurable menu options, and lots of regression fixes.

GMail access for Mail Technical Preview users – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.71

December 7, 2020

Today’s snapshot provides an alternative way for our Mail Technical Preview users to connect to GMail.

Vivaldi 3.5 RC 1 – Vivaldi Desktop Browser snapshot 2115.67/70

December 4, 2020

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for 3.5 for desktop and notebooks.

Minor Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.63

December 3, 2020

Today’s snapshot includes a minor Chromium bump and a fix for tabs, along with Mail and Calendar fixes for users of the Technical Preview.

Further fixes for recent regressions – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.54

December 2, 2020

Today’s snapshot, once again continues to focus on tab and address bar fixes.

Stabilization – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.31

November 27, 2020

Today’s snapshot continues to focus on tab and address bar fixes as we get closer to the 3.5 final.

Address bar and tab opening fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.21

November 26, 2020

Today’s snapshot address issues with the address field and tab opening position.

Address bar and tab fixes, better DRM support, plus the start of the Mail, Calendar and RSS Technical Previews – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.4

November 24, 2020

Today’s snapshot fixes a couple of the tab and address bar issues from the last snapshot, improves support for media sites on Windows and allows access to the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical preview.

Page displaying a QR code popup

URL sharing via QR code and an update to Chromium 87 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2110.3

November 19, 2020

Today’s snapshot bumps Chromium to 87 and adds a new way to share URLs.

More fixes and another minor Chromium bump – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2088.7

October 29, 2020

Much like last time, another snapshot with a wide range of fixes, plus improvements for menu configuration. Once again, some of these fixes will be backported to the 3.4 stable.