Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct helps us build a community
that is happy, kind, and constructive.

When you join the community, you can follow the progress of the browser, join in forum discussions, start your own blog, share your ideas, use the webmail service, and share your custom themes with everyone.

Regardless of whether you are an old or a new Vivaldi user, we encourage you to join in, because we believe that this is a place where you can interact with like-minded people, discuss the browser, share customization ideas and clever tricks, report bugs, troubleshoot, and shape Vivaldi’s development by making feature requests and voting on new features.

The Vivaldi Community

The Vivaldi Community is used by thousands of Vivaldi users each day. Some of you come to get help. Some want to share knowledge. Some just want to hang out and talkabout anything. Only one thing is certain: Everyone is different.

  • Some know browsers inside out, others don’t.
  • Some are very technical, others aren’t.
  • Some are native English speakers, others have different native languages.
  • Some are used to participating in online communities, others aren’t.

It’s our aim that everyone feels welcome and can participate, regardless of their level of expertise or identity.

With the forum being the main platform for community interaction, the rules have been written with this service in mind, but the rules are applicable on all Vivaldi services, where community members can interact with each other.


If you need help, ask your questions clearly and stay positive.

Use Search before starting a new thread. Choose a short and clear title for new threads. Tell us what platform you are on, browser version, extensions (if any), system specification (CPU, RAM), connection type and architecture (X32 or X64), and give us the steps to reproduce your issue.

If you’re here to help others, be patient, welcoming and respectful.

It’s important that everyone feels welcome by the community and has a positive experience. This, after all, is a community for us and our friends! Show understanding for the issues others are sharing. If you feel that you are unable to help, leave that to a Moderator or to another user who will be able to help.

Be kind and friendly when giving or receiving feedback.

Discussions are a healthy part of community life. When in doubt, ask more questions courteously, and explain your perspective. Most importantly, count to 10 before you write and move on if a conversation stops being friendly.


Don’t insult or use unfriendly language, including ALL CAPS.

Don’t use content likely to offend people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or political views.

Don’t use sarcasm and jokes that can be misinterpreted.

Don’t encourage violence.

Don’t disrupt discussions with irrelevant, off-topic remarks, bully or intimidate others.

Users posting any of the following material will in some cases be warned but most of the time banned immediately: Spam, scams, harassment, pornography, copyright-infringing material, self-promotion, and/or any other language that is offensive or in violation of local or international laws. The forum administration reserves the right to determine what language is or is not acceptable.

Forum and Social moderation

While the Vivaldi team aims to be present on the Vivaldi Forum and Vivaldi Social as much as possible, we rely on our dedicated group of volunteer Moderators for running the forum day-to-day.

Moderators are unpaid volunteers, not Vivaldi staff members, and we ask that you treat them with the utmost respect.

Moderators and Community Managers will take action on a case-by-case basis and at their discretion. If you have concerns about how a Moderator has dealt with a specific issue, contact a Vivaldi Community Manager via Chat.

Reporting and enforcement

We strive to maintain a community that is happy, kind, and constructive. We expect every community member to contribute to this environment. If you come across behavior that doesn’t follow these Community rules, here’s what you can do:

  • If you see a thread or a post that violates our Community rules, please flag it for the attention of the Moderators using the 3 vertical dots icon next to the post. They’ll follow it up as quickly as they can.
  • If you experience any problems on the forum, please contact a Community Manager or a forum Moderator by clicking the link in their username and sending them a Chat message. Alternatively, report the issue to the team by sending a message here.
  • To report a post or a user on Vivaldi Social, use the 3 dot menu on one of their posts or on their profile, select “Report @username” and go through the reporting flow.

If you don’t follow these Community rules, we will take the following action:

We will warn you
For most first-time misconduct, Moderators will edit or delete the offending content and send you a warning message.

We will suspend your account
For repetitive misconduct and some first-time misconduct, we will block your access to the service for a defined period of time or terminate it indefinitely depending on the violation. This termination applies for all Vivaldi services such as forum, blog, webmail, social and themes.

We will close your account
We put the interests of the community first. In some cases, we will have no choice but to terminate your entire Vivaldi account (forum, blog, webmail, themes, social and sync services). In severe cases of misconduct, such as spamming, we will skip the first two steps.

Your feedback is very welcome. We rely and trust on you to keep this community happy, kind, and constructive.