Vivaldi 2.8: Inspires new desktop and mobile experiences

The latest version of Vivaldi browser for desktop available now.

OSLO, Norway – September 19th, 2019: The Vivaldi web browser releases an upgrade to its desktop version – Vivaldi 2.8. With significant overall improvements, Vivaldi continues to give users complete control over their desktop experience, while also making sure to protect their privacy and security online.

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Vivaldi on the desktop has been built on a solid foundation driven by the real needs of the users. With the same philosophy in mind, Vivaldi recently debuted on Android to worldwide acclaim and a phenomenal response to its beta version.

Here’s what TechCrunch had to say,

Vivaldi on Android is a worthwhile contender. It’s fast and easy to use — and if you’re already using Vivaldi on the desktop, it’s a no-brainer.”

According to Wired, Vivaldi has already created an impact on providing a new option in the world of desktop browsing.

With a variety of innovative features, from mouse gesture navigation to tab grouping, it’s already established a reputation as a viable browser alternative on the desktop.

The global reaction reaffirms Vivaldi’s mission. There is a need for a secure and customizable alternative both on desktop and mobile.

We build it. You own it.

With Vivaldi’s new version on desktop, users can expect improvements across the board while navigating on their devices. Users can now take Vivaldi – and their Bookmarks and Speed Dials, saved passwords and autofill information, History (with only typed URLs) and uniquely Notes – everywhere.

Vivaldi’s Sync functionality lets you synchronize your browsing data between installations of Vivaldi on other devices and Vivaldi on Android.

With long-standing bugs squashed and rough edges polished, Vivaldi 2.8 offers a smoother browsing experience.

Overall, users will find the newest version of Vivaldi a lot snappier and efficient. Vivaldi 2.8 has significant improvements that will enable users to work faster, and each second saved adds up to more time for work to be done.

The Vivaldi browser offers more features than any other modern browser. Here are the highlights that make Vivaldi a “do-it-your-way” browser:

  • Powerful Tab Management – Ability to group (stack), auto-stack, rename, tile (split-screen view of tabs), search in addition to pin, drag, mute, hibernate.
  • Smarter Browsing – Side Panel (Web Panel) with easy access to bookmarks, downloads, tree-style access to tabs, notes, browsing history and websites of the user’s choice.
  • Raise the Productivity Bar – Built-in functionality such as the screenshot Capture tool, Notes, Image Properties, and Calculator.
  • Effortless Navigation – Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Gestures for quick browser commands and powerful History overview that lets users explore their browsing patterns, backed by statistics and visual clue
  • Unique and Customizable Interface – Change the browser’s look with Themes, Speed Dials, Adjustable Zoom levels, Clutter-free Reader View, Toolbar Customization.
  • Privacy is paramount – Encrypted data Syncing across computers and Android devices including Bookmarks, Speed-Dials, saved passwords and autofill information, History, and uniquely, Notes.
  • Going mobile – Browse with the beta version on Android devices.

Our new release today moves us a step closer to delivering a browser that everyone can consider made just for them. People want an efficient browser on their desktop and mobile, not one that’s watered down,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner.

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