User Interface

Flexibility from the ground up

Choose your style

Use ultra-customizable Themes to give your browser a look that's uniquely yours. Create a schedule to change your browser's theme throughout the day.

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Add any site to your side bar

Web Panels make checking your favorite chat apps, social feeds and news sites a breeze. Add as many as you like. Rearrange them with drag 'n' drop. You can even open a specific panel using custom shortcuts.

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An adaptive interface

Vivaldi adapts to you, but it also adapts to the sites you visit. The interface can pick up the main color of the website you're viewing and use it as an accent color.

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Take a position on Toolbars

Customize the placement and appearance of the Address Bar, Bookmarks Bar and Status Bar in Vivaldi. Place them at the top or bottom of the screen, adjust their size with User Interface Zoom, or hide them altogether.

Content comes first

Use Reader View to focus in on what matters – the content. Cut down the clutter on any page and enjoy reading again with adjustable font size and color schemes.

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Tools by your side

Vivaldi's Panel keeps go-to tools within easy reach in the side bar. Work with your History, Downloads, Bookmarks, and Notes in split-screen with your main window.

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Vivaldi has an insane amount of customization available by default.

Jake Swearingen

Jake SwearingenNew York Magazine