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Because if it's useful, it should be built-in

Take notes while you browse

Take down ideas and inspiration in the browser’s side bar using Notes. A great research aid, Notes support Markdown and can automatically attach screenshots and the address of the page being viewed.

Download v.1.15

Capture screenshots

The built-in Capture tool lets you take screenshots of full web pages or a selection of the screen. Sharing or saving what's on your screen has never been easier.

Find out more about taking screenshots

Get in depth image info

Use the Image Properties tool to analyze detailed image meta data like histograms, copyrights and the date when the photo was taken. All without leaving the browser.

Find out more about Image Properties

Vivaldi is a web surfer’s complete toolbox, packed with gadgets you probably didn’t even know you needed. It’s a browser that you can move into, and make your own.

Kevin Parish, Digital Trends

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