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Mouse & Keyboard

Flexibility and power at your fingertips

Use the keyboard your way

Keyboard Shortcuts in Vivaldi can be customized and used to control nearly every aspect of your browser. Enable single key keyboard shortcuts for even faster access to your favorite commands.

Download v.1.15

Navigate with a flick of the wrist

Vivaldi comes with fully-featured Mouse Gesture support. You can edit the default gestures, add your own, and even adjust the sensitivity to match your browsing style.

Find out more about Mouse Gestures

Command line control

Quick Commands is a powerful universal search wrapped in a minimal, command line interface. Use it to search the web, find an open tab, search your history, or even find and issue a command.

Find out more about Quick Commands

Vivaldi is a web surfer’s complete toolbox, packed with gadgets you probably didn’t even know you needed. It’s a browser that you can move into, and make your own.

Kevin Parish, Digital Trends

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