Losing Add-ons?
Get Vivaldi.

Vivaldi comes out of the box with powerful features and a huge amount of customization. It's real good. You should try it.

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Vivaldi in Workspace iMac mockup

Go native

The latest Firefox update, Firefox 57, only supports add-ons using the WebExtensions API. This means that many of your favorite add-ons may stop working. These are being called "legacy" add-ons.

Scary, but true. So what's the solution? Get Vivaldi.

By building in native features like tab grouping, screenshot capture and endless UI customization we're putting the control in your hands. Not relying on add-on support is a great way to avoid your workflow becoming "legacy" too.

Building the browser you want

Our latest release, Vivaldi 1.12, featured advanced image properties, updates to our Downloads Panel and a way to control color saturation in the UI. Why? Because our users asked.

Everything we do is based on feedback and ideas from our users. Want to help us create the best browser in the world?

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