Vivaldi 5.2

Privacy Statistics! An eye-opener!👀

Do you know, how many trackers and ads actually follow you? 😱

Run a convenient reality check on the number of trackers and ads being blocked from profiling you right at the entry point of the Start Page itself.

Bon voyage! Get your Reading List ready in Vivaldi’s sidebar. ✈️

View and manage the stories you wish to read from Vivaldi’s trendsetting slide-out sidebar (Panel). 

📖 Now you can search, filter, sort, and organize your stories easily in the Reading List Panel.

Smart tip: Add more pages to your Reading List through Quick Commands, assigned Keyboard Shortcuts, and Mouse Gestures.

Sync to tune your Reading List. 📖

Having a Reading List is great, but syncing it across devices is a bonus. 

Enjoy reading on your desktop and sync your reading progress even on-the-go across all your synced devices including Vivaldi on Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and cars.

Just sign in with a Vivaldi Account to securely synchronize your data with end-to-end encryption across multiple devices including cars.

Get away from Big Tech and have fun doing it.

It's one click to import all your bookmarks and extensions.

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