Vivaldi introduces a Reading List Panel, shows statistics on blocked trackers and ads.

Manage your Reading List in Vivaldi’s sidebar, with multiple options, and sync it across various devices including Android. On the privacy front, run a convenient reality check on the number of trackers and ads being blocked from profiling you. All this and more in Vivaldi 5.2. Download now on desktops and notebooks.

OSLO, Norway – April 06, 2022

Vivaldi 5.2 is here. Exactly 6 years ago, we launched the first version of Vivaldi.

We started out building a browser that will adapt to your needs. And we’ve stuck to it. Over the years, we’ve created a wealth of built-in features that you won’t find in many, if any, other browsers.

We thrive on giving you options, so you’re never more than a click or keyboard shortcut away from what you’re trying to accomplish.

And this latest version stays true to our roots. 

The Reading List Panel lets you view and manage the stories you wish to read, from the browser’s sidebar. And, now that we have included Reading List on our Android version, you can sync your Reading Lists across multiple devices. 

Because your privacy is as precious to us as it is to you, we’ve added a Privacy Statistics Bar in the Start Page of the browser. It provides information on the number of trackers and ads that Vivaldi has blocked, preventing them from profiling you. Having visibility on these details will help you make informed decisions about your browsing.

For these new features and improvements, download Vivaldi 5.2, available on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

In addition, our new version on Android, also launched today, includes a host of features, including a Reading List, Translate Panel, and various other improvements. 

Bon voyage! Get your Reading List ready in Vivaldi’s sidebar.  

The Reading List Panel: the new Panel in the sidebar now in Vivaldi. Read on!

Not long ago, we introduced the Reading List in the Address Bar, which allows you to save pages that you want to read later. Since the Reading List is built-in, you can use it immediately – no service signup is required.

Now, we elevate your reading experience with the new Reading List Panel. 

You can view and manage the stories you wish to read from the browser’s trendsetting slide-out sidebar (Panel). 

Look for the book icon representing the Reading List in the Panel, which is also home to useful tools including Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Notes, Window Panel, Translate, and Web Panels. Having all these tools in the sidebar menu helps you quickly open, close, and toggle between different panels.

The Reading List Panel offers plenty of perks: 

  • Manage lists intuitively: With a double-click on the selected item, the corresponding page opens in a new tab instantly. Clicking the minus (-) button removes an item from the current list, while the plus (+)  button adds a new one. Clicking the eye button marks the saved page as unread or read. 
  • Search and filter easily: The search bar in the Panel can help filter the Reading List, recognizing URLs and words in the page’s title. 
  • Sort and organize efficiently: The sort menu reorders the list by the title, read status, date updated, or address.
Sort, search, filter easily all your favorite stories in the Reading List Panel

Additionally, you can use the right-click menu to open the selected item (in a new tab), copy its address, mark the entry as read, or remove the saved item from the list.

Another way to add more pages to your Reading List is through Quick Commands – “Add Page to Reading List ”, assigned Keyboard Shortcuts, and Mouse Gestures.

Use Quick Commands to add more pages to your Reading List

You can still access the Reading List from the book icon at the extreme right of the Address Bar (when enabled), use the new Reading List Panel instead, or use both if you prefer.  

Sync to tune your Reading List. Now even on-the-go. 

Keep calm and carry on syncing your reading list across multiple devices

Having a Reading List is great, but syncing it across devices is a bonus. 

Now you can enjoy reading on your desktop and sync your reading progress even on-the-go across all your synced devices. As Vivaldi on Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks now has a Reading List, the articles you save on your phone can be viewed on your computer or the other way around. Read more.

Using Sync is secure and easy. Just sign in with a Vivaldi Account to securely synchronize your data with end-to-end encryption across multiple devices including cars. For the uninitiated, Vivaldi is the first and only browser for Android Automotive OS currently available in Polestar cars.

Any idea how many trackers and ads actually follow you? Privacy Statistics gives a reality check. 

According to research, 87 percent of the world’s most popular web domains engage in digital tracking. And this is getting worse by the day. 

Fortunately, our Ad and Tracker Blocker helps give you control over what personal data websites can track and store on you.

In this version, you’ll actually see the number of ads and trackers blocked from following you, displayed right at the entry point of the Start Page itself. 

Until now, you could see the Ad and Tracker Blocker statistics per site per visit when clicking on the shield icon on the Address Bar. 

But here’s the eye-opener! The new Privacy Statistics Bar from this new version shows the collective tracking information of all the trackers and ads. This not only builds awareness about the massive level of tracking prevalent today, but also helps you make informed decisions about your browsing.

For a detailed overview of the summary, click on ‘more information’ on the Privacy Statistics Bar. The information page provides three features:

  • A per website breakdown for trackers and ads 
  • A per “tracker company” breakdown
  • A reset of your cumulative privacy statistics.

You can toggle the visibility of privacy statistics from the Start Page’s quick settings at the top-right corner or from Settings → Start Page → Speed Dial.

There’s always more! 

Along with improvements across the board, you’ll notice some nice additions: 

  • Qwant, the privacy search is back: As a company that has always championed your right to privacy, we like to provide people with more choices when it comes to search – including a way to opt-out of search engines that profit from your private data, without sacrificing search-result quality.

    By popular demand, we’ve brought back the privacy-focused search Qwant as one of our defaults. So now you have another integrated option in our list of default search engines to choose from. Head to the Settings > Search and choose your favorite search engine. 
  • Faster tab dragging: We love tabs. So we’ve tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges there, making the drag and drop of tabs faster, and smoother.
  • Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader (beta): We have been very busy here, tweaking and tuning across a range of areas.

About Vivaldi Technologies

Vivaldi Technologies is an employee-owned company that creates products and services for discerning web users. In everything it does, it believes in putting its users first.

Vivaldi is a powerful, personal, and private browser that adapts to you, not the other way around.

With its flexible, and fully customizable interface, the browser strives to offer the best Internet experience on any device and currently covers platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, Android, and Android Automotive.

Vivaldi has two ground rules: privacy is a default, and everything’s an option. In practice, this means building software that protects users’ privacy but also does not track how they use it. It believes private and secure software should be the rule, not the exception.

Vivaldi is headquartered in Oslo, with offices in Reykjavik, Boston, and Palo Alto. Learn more about it at

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