Minor update(2) for Vivaldi Android Beta

This update resolves a notes duplication problem, sets Yandex as default search engine for RU locale, and fixes several common crashers.

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The following is a list of changes since the first Android beta update:

  • [Crash] Crash when opening downloads (VB-57547)
  • [Crash] Fixes for several common crashers
  • [Notes] Copy to note option appears when there is no selected text to copy (VB-57474)
  • [Search] Yandex search engine does not appear after upgrade for RU locale (VB-58074)
  • [Search] Set Yandex as default search engine for RU locale (VB-58155)
  • [Sync] No mention of encryption password length requirements on Android’s Sync page (VB-57537)
  • [Sync][Notes] Note duplication (VB-58353)
  • Further translation updates

Main photo by Kelly Sikkema

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Danke für das Herunterladen von Vivaldi

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