Extraordinarily interactive, the new Mercedes CLE Coupé launches with the Vivaldi browser

The Vivaldi browser is your default in the recently launched Mercedes CLE Coupé.

Vivaldi browser now available as a default in the new Mercedes CLE Coupe car.

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We are traveling far and wide with the Mercedes. Now we are available in their new CLE Coupé which adopts numerous digital innovations from the new E-Class.

Earlier this year we arrived in the new Mercedes E-class, our first step into the world of the Mercedes-Benz group. We have been working with the Mercedes team to give you the best browsing experience and are proud to be part of their growing list of cars.

Vivaldi browser is an integral part of millions of users’ everyday lives, helping them browse the way they want. Being available in Mercedes E-Class and CLE Coupé cars has opened up endless opportunities for drivers to navigate and explore the web.

With the Vivaldi browser in Mercedes cars, we aim to give people a more personal and intuitive browsing experience by deeply considering the features we all rely on every day”, Jon von Tetzchner, Vivaldi CEO, says.

It’s very encouraging to see that the automobile industry recognizes the value of browsing and supports our vision to provide people with Vivaldi on-the-go. Together, we are transforming the car into another extension of our online lives”, adds Jon.

Vivaldi presents all-new experiences in the new Mercedes

The drivers will be introduced to all-new experiences while browsing the web with Vivaldi, plus so much more. We can’t wait for everyone to try it.

We think the drivers are going to love the flexibility the browser offers. It has features such as Notes, built-in ad blocker and tracker protection, and encrypted sync functionality that are central to how we communicate.

The availability of Vivaldi shows a new way of connecting to the world in our vehicles – allowing you to turn your car into a work-friendly space or immersive entertainment zone. It is easy to stream your favorite show or connect to an online meeting in the Vivaldi browser.

Mercedes CLE Coupe aims for greater personalization

One thing that stands out in the new CLE Coupe is that it is extraordinarily interactive and extensively personalized. Similarly, Vivaldi matches the car’s focus on personalization as the browser is not only a fun way to create a more personal experience but helps you speed through the web with its functionality.

The Mercedes press release says:

“The entertainment programme in the CLE Coupé is extraordinarily interactive – for an individual digital experience. A new Android compatibility layer allows the installation of third-party apps[2]. The following apps will be available at market launch[3]: the entertainment platform “TikTok”, the podcast platform “Pocket Casts”, the audio and video streaming platform “Audials”, the game “Angry Birds”, the cloud-based collaboration application ” Webex”, the video conferencing system “Zoom” and the internet browser “Vivaldi”. In addition, the entertainment portal ZYNC[4] is on board as an option. It offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programming, sports, news, and much more. More than 30 streaming services from renowned global, regional, and local partners are already available. Other partners and channels are constantly being integrated. The Mercedes me Store has a new App Store. The offer will be gradually expanded. In this way, the dream car is always up-to-date and can be extensively personalised.”

Highlights of the CLE Coupé

Mercedes CLE Coupe takes over for the two-door versions of the C-class and E-class, both of which are discontinued after 2023. The CLE300 uses a 255-hp turbo inline-four while the CLE450 upgrades to a 375-hp turbo inline-six, and both feature electrical assistance from an integrated starter-generator. The cabin is nearly identical to the one in the current C-class, with a 12.3-inch digital instrument display and an 11.9-inch central touchscreen.

Vivaldi on Android Automotive OS

Vivaldi is the first and only browser on Android Automotive OS and is becoming available on a growing list of cars. The full-featured automotive browser has a similar interface to that on its Android smartphones while giving you complete control over how it looks, feels, and works.

Currently, it is available in Polestar 2, Polestar 3, Renault’s next-generation cars – Megane E-Tech Electric, All-New Austral and all future cars with OpenR Link system, select Audi models from the Volkswagen group, and Mercedes E-Class and CLE Coupe.

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