Snapshot Startup settings and tab-switching performance

With our latest Snapshot (, we put the focus on Startup settings to give you more options and tuned up the tab-switching performance of Vivaldi.

One of the popular requests we have focused a bit on in this build is Startup settings. You now have 3 options for startup: Continue from last time, start with Homepage and start with Speed Dial. More option will be added later in coming builds.

Another activity that is going on speed optimization. We are rewriting some code to optimize UI performance. Tabs have gotten some attention this week.

Switching between tabs should be faster in some cases. Please look out for bugs here as this is still work in progress.

Download (


  • VB-4122 – Speed dial zoom stuck on 80%
  • VB-5422 – Shortcuts activated in PDF
  • VB-5300 – Editing notes crashes Vivaldi and leaves ghosts
  • VB-4167 – Missing translation string for “Toggle panels” button at the side
  • VB-2571 – Some context menu translations are missing in all languages
  • VB-5582 – Rewrite tab-handling without backbone to make tab-switching faster
  • VB-5113 – Download save as does not change download folder
  • VB-5108 – “New tab” item in tab contextual menu doesn’t open new tab
  • VB-5604 – Button for image options does not close after changing tab
  • VB-5596 – Option button for images doesn’t have any tooltip
  • VB-5546 – Log screen-resolution in user stats
  • VB-5312 – Installer wants to convert a single user install into standalone
  • VB-5262 – All user clean install does not open Vivaldi after install has finished.
  • VB-5145 – Vivaldi icon goes completely black
  • VB-4643 – Localized search

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