Regression fixes, and crash fixes for developer tools – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1259.3

It’s the first day of August and we’ve got a new Snapshot, focusing on fixing as many regressions as we can, to give you a polished and stable release.

We’ve been busy this summer fixing some more necessary bugs. Today’s Snapshot addresses 14 regressions and makes a handful of fixes for pesky issues.

Take a look and as always, if you find anything that doesn’t quite work as it should, let us know.

Download (1259.3)


  • [Regression][Linux] Mouse Back and Forward Buttons skip two pages VB-41394
  • [Regression][Mac] Alt+E keyboard shortcut crashes Vivaldi VB-42032
  • [Regression][Mac] Blank tab/crash when inspecting page with undocked dev tools VB-41826
  • [Regression][Mac] Corners are not rounded for all users VB-41851
  • [Regression][Mac] Main menu commands not working in settings popup window VB-41912
  • [Regression] Can’t zoom hibernated tabs after first access VB-41787
  • [Regression] Crash when Authenticator extension is installed VB-41768
  • [Regression] Download progress & notification missing VB-41969
  • [Regression] Empty download panel with download in progress VB-41700
  • [Regression] Open notes folders close on toggling the panel VB-42127
  • [Regression] Pressing esc to close speed dial drawer is broken VB-42076
  • [Regression] Select the content of the address field before creating a context menu VB-41760
  • [Regression] URL field delayed selection VB-41907
  • [Regression] Wrong language selected in the settings VB-41652
  • [Dev Tools] Crash when opening developer tools with extensions enabled VB-41971
  • [Dev Tools] Single key shortcuts triggered when editing in docked devtools VB-42118
  • [Extension] Extension options pages don’t have favicons in tabs VB-9447
  • [Settings] Hardware acceleration missing in Vivaldi settings VB-11517
  • [Sync] Save the creation date of passwords VB-41707
  • [Tabs] Right mouse button + wheel tab cycler stuck after mouse move VB-41399
  • [Tab cycler] Tab cycling in recently used order breaks VB-42002
  • [UI] Icons remain black in dark theme VB-42215
  • Page Action “Filter Invert” fails VB-10695
  • Scroll bars resilient to corner rounding and more at home on Windows VB-41576
  • Wrong font for Traditional Chinese VB-42064

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