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Snapshot 1.2.490.32 – Vivaldi 1.2RC1

May 31, 2016

Today’s snapshot is the first release candidate for Vivaldi version 1.2. Even if no major issues are found, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable update stream before it is released.

Snapshot 1.2.490.27 – Closing in on a 1.2 stable release

May 27, 2016

Today’s Snapshot fixes up issues that broke since Vivaldi 1.1, as a 1.2 stable release should be just around the corner. Let us know if we are as close as we think we are, or if there is something your are missing.

Snapshot 1.2.490.3 – Clearer download progress

May 24, 2016

Today’s snapshot includes a number of key fixes as we stabilize and close in on a 1.2 final release, including some work on touch support. In addition, we made a small tweak to the Downloads panel so that you get a clearer estimation of how quickly things are progressing.

Snapshot 1.2.485.14 – Bugfixes following a short week

May 20, 2016

Hurrah for a new Snapshot and for Norway’s National Day! Fixes to bookmarks, an upgraded Chromium and more.

Back on the road

May 16, 2016

Last week was a busy one. I’ve been honored to meet so many Vivaldi users in London, Paris, Brussels and Oslo. Thanks for all the great discussions.

Snapshot 1.2.479.8 – More keyboard shortcuts and a small update to 1.1

May 13, 2016

Adding some more default shortcuts (all customisable, of course!), fixed tab opening to better follow the selected setting and much more.

On the road again

May 7, 2016

I tend to travel a lot for work. I’ve always found it valuable to meet people in person. I find it builds far better relationships than you can with emails, phone calls or video conferences.

Snapshot 1.2.470.11 – Editable Gestures

May 4, 2016

Yet again we introduce quite a few of improvements, so let’s dive in without too much ado. First we’d like to discuss gestures, the ability to issue commands with help of drawn shapes. With some of you excited and some of you disappointed by lack of flexibility, we hope to address both groups by expanding the feature by recordable gestures.

Minor update to Vivaldi 1.1

May 2, 2016

Today we released a minor update to Vivaldi 1.1. We now provide more detailed security information in developer tools, updated our Chromium engine with security updates from upstream and fixed an issue with Vivaldi failing to install on Ubuntu 12.04.

No time to rest. Vivaldi 1.1 is here with enhanced tab handling, better hibernation and more!

April 26, 2016

A mere three weeks after the release of 1.0, Vivaldi 1.1 arrives with enhanced tab handling and tab hibernation features. Read on to find out more about our latest release.

Snapshot 1.1.453.45 – Vivaldi 1.1RC3

April 25, 2016

This is release candidate 3 for Vivaldi 1.1, with a quick fix to the URL field and some translation updates.

Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable update stream before it is released.

Snapshot 1.1.453.43 – Vivaldi 1.1RC2

April 22, 2016

Today’s snapshot has a fix for problems with keyboard shortcuts, introduced in the previous snapshot. This is release candidate 2 for Vivaldi 1.1. Let us know if you see any major issues.

As mentioned with RC1, even if no further major issues are found, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable update stream before it is released.

Have a great weekend!

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