Snapshot with more settings

Following up on the new startup option dialogue, we’ve added more options this week. You can now define a list of pages with which to start.

We have also added an option to disable single-key shortcuts. Paste and go (Ctrl+Shift+V) now also works when you have focus on the document, not just when address field is focused.

The settings window should now also start faster after a small tweak.

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  • VB-5668 – “Close other tabs” closes active tab as well
  • VB-5645 – Wrong tab gets closed when closing tab stack
  • VB-4987 – f5 doesn’t refresh the page while page is loading
  • VB-4183 – Fast forward sometimes not working correctly with dynamically created DOM
  • VB-5540 – Setting to disable single key shortcuts
  • VB-5659 – Vivaldi opens new tabs on the left instead of on the right
  • VB-5654 – vivaldi:about page background issue
  • VB-5599 – Multiselection of tabs not properly recognized
  • VB-3197 – Make “startup” option

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