On to the next one – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2289.3

We know you have waited a while, so here is your new snapshot (with quite a wide range of fixes).

Download (2289.3)


  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 91.0.4472.33
  • [Address bar] Certain type of query with full-width characters is seen as a URL (VB-76128)
  • [Address bar] Clicking the homepage button should give focus to web page (VB-78629)
  • [Bookmarks] Adding a bookmark and selecting a Speed Dial folder adds the bookmark first in the folder and not last as would be expected (VB-78964)
  • [Crash] With Popups (VB-54634)
  • [Developer Tools] Reload with tools open on a web page reloads the entire browser (VB-75579)
  • [Developer Tools] Window does not get focus on a breakpoint (VB-78981)
  • [Downloads] “Download save” popup too small with non-english UI (VB-74182)
  • [Guest] Window menu handling is lacking functionality, e.g. multiple windows (VB-79479)
  • [Keyboard] Home page is opened in new tab (VB-78843)
  • [Linux] Import from Chrome doesn’t work on Ubuntu 18.04 (VB-43934)
  • [Menus] Line break character appears in search context menu (VB-79149)
  • [Menus] Rename ‘Developer Tools Element Inspector’ to ‘Toggle Developer Tools’ (VB-77413)
  • [Menus] Right clicking a tab selection with a pinned tab shows “New Tab Stack With Selection” (VB-79123)
  • [Menus] V-button submenus don’t close with Arrow left unless first focused (VB-77916)
  • [Menus] When tabs are set to open in background by default, the right click menu item “Open Link in Background Tab” still appears in many of the context menus (VB-78033)
  • [Notes] Don’t reload properly an starting Vivaldi (VB-75615)
  • [Notes] Let a clickable link open in background tab when settings say so (VB-79000)
  • [Panels] Improve panel scrollbar positioning (VB-77753)
  • [Panels][Menus] ‘Reopen’ command appear in context menu for open tab in Window panel (VB-79476)
  • [Panels][Notes] Middle clicking a note does nothing (VB-78880)
  • [Profiles] Entries in list do not expand to full width of pop-up (VB-79184)
  • [Quick Commands] Auto-complete should happen after pressing arrow right (VB-7897)
  • [Speed Dial] Some buttons missed with tiny size and hovering titles (VB-79246)
  • [Speed Dial] Cut folder shows no indication of being cut (VB-58986)
  • [Tabs] Ability to widen vertical tab bar more (VB-73214)
  • [Tabs] Cloned tab position is not next to original in stacks despite setting (VB-77459)
  • [Tabs] Inconsistent position of a new tab opened in a tabs stack (VB-79059)
  • [Tabs] Keep tab preview open when closing tabs (VB-77272)
  • [Tabs] Speaker icon on tabs isn’t responding to clicks and doesn’t reflect audio state (VB-76401)
  • [Tabs] Stack Tabs by Hosts is always available (VB-78649)
  • [Tabs][menus] Context menu of a tab in a stack does not contain “Hibernate Tab” option (VB-78655)
  • [Themes] Animated “in-progress” style should inherit color (VB-78897)
  • [Themes] Blur is inconsistent between status bar and tabs placed at bottom (VB-78758)
  • [Translate] Add support for font tags with embedded text (VB-79425)
  • [Translate] Create a reset translation prefs button (VB-79244)
  • [Translate] Handle sentences being with comma + space or punctuation + space (VB-79432)
  • [Translate] Problems with text containing shy breaks: fixes many Icelandic sites (VB-79394)
  • [Translate] Restore nbsp sequences and the start and end of sentences after translation is done (VB-78985)
  • [Translate] Restrict the amount of text we translate in one go and continue translating when scrolling (VB-77591)
  • [Translate] Sentences with amp is not always correctly replaced with translated string (VB-79435)
  • [Translate] Show never translate checkbox after explicitly closing the dialog 3 times (VB-79379)
  • [Translate] developpez.com articles paragraphs not being translated correctly (VB-78802)
  • [Windows] Automatic update notifications are broken if the user is not an administrator (VB-79084)
  • [macOS] Window doesn’t resize when disconnecting external monitor (VB-70529)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [Calendar] Adding does not display correctly (VB-78896)
  • [Calendar] Ask user whether to send invite mails (VB-71865)
  • [Calendar] Date picker selects wrong month (VB-79152)
  • [Calendar] Entering 11111 into start time gives you 11:59 (VB-79141)
  • [Calendar] Fast switching of month/week/day (VB-74073)
  • [Mail] Checking email results in error “Source filter not found”(VB-78515)
  • [Mail] Error when clicking on any folder (VB-78146)
  • [Mail] Messages sometimes not filtered into labels and flags on setup (VB-78856)
  • [Mail] No error message when POP account setup fails (VB-79430)
  • [Mail] Notification spam when importing (VB-78784)
  • [Mail] Saving search includes excess empty From rules (VB-74525)
  • [Mail][Performance] Move mail search to SQL Lite, virtual table (VB-78164)

You can enable the Technical Preview of Mail, Calendar and RSS via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). A separate blog post has more detail on the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews.
Main photo by Clay Banks