Minor update for Vivaldi Desktop Browser 3.5

This update resolves a variety of issues and includes Chromium fixes from upstream.

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The following improvements were made since the initial 3.5 stable release:

  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 87.0.4280.107
  • [macOS][Media] Some videos won’t play on certain machines running Big Sur (VB-74195)
  • [Media][Regression] Browser becomes completely unresponsive when accessing certain pages (VB-74757)
  • [Tabs][Regression] Canceling warning from onbeforeunload event makes tab-closing difficult (VB-75021)
  • [Tabs][Regression] window.close does not work (VB-73856)
  • [Tabs][Regression] “After Active/Related Tab” opens link at end of tabs for brief moment (VB-74879)
  • [Tabs][Regression] 2 or more cloned tabs inherit active tab property (VB-74961)
  • [Windows] Signing key updated

Main photo by Andre Gorham II.

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