Address bar and tab opening fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 2115.21

Today’s snapshot address issues with the address field and tab opening position.

Download (2115.21)


  • [Address bar] Certain URLs do not display correctly (VB-74447)
  • [Address bar] URL field focused when link is opened in new tab (VB-73940)
  • [Settings][QR] Cannot find certain settings (e.g. QR Code) via search (VB-74467)
  • [Tabs] Opening new tab next to active tab in foreground broken (VB-74396)
  • [User Profiles][Crash] After opening guest window (VB-74495)
  • Trash should contain more than 25 items: now 100 and not cleared on exit (VB-74499)

Changelog for Mail, Calendar and RSS ongoing Technical Preview

  • [Calendar] Can’t delete recurring events (VB-74503)
  • [Calendar] Does not work out of the box for some users (VB-74504)
  • [Settings][Calendar] Should use a different word instead of “pop-up” (VB-74490)

You can enabled the Technical Preview of Mail, Calendar and RSS via “vivaldi://experiments” (you will need to restart the browser after doing so). A separate blog post has more detail on the Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and RSS technical previews.

Main photo by Osman Rana

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